How To Choose A Hang Glider

Hang gliding is a fun hobby and fun sport for those who are really into it.  Although hang gliding is fun and adventurous, it can be very dangerous if you do not get the proper training. For those who are new to hang gliding, make sure you contact someone in your area to teach you all the mechanics of the sport/hobby. 

Things You Should Know When Buying A Hang Glider

Don't Be Cheap

You can buy used hang gliders, but make sure they are in tip top condition. After all, the wrong hang glider can mean the difference between a pleasurable flying experience and serious injury or even death.  Don't be cheap when it comes to buying a good hang glider, this is ultimately your life involved. A good hang glider can cost anywhere from $750 to $1500 and above.  This is one item you should buy new if at all possible.

Buy A Hang Glider After You Take Lessons

This is a fun activity but like driving, flying should only be done by those who have learned how to do it properly.  Look in your local yellow pages or online and find a reputable hang gliding instructor to teach you how to do it properly. A good instructor or flying school will have everything you need to learn how to glide properly. This would include the wheels, helmet, radio, and glider in the cost of the lessons.  Look around until you find an instructor that you feel comfortable with.  Again, this is your life we are talking about so do not be cheap about it. Whatever you do, do not take a hang glider out thinking you can teach yourself.  The money you will be paying to a doctor will be far more than the money you could have spent on flying lessons.

Beware of the Hang Glider Coffee MugCredit:

Do Not Buy Hang Gliders With Defects

Buying a hang glider with rust, frayed wires, frayed material, rips and tears is foolish.  Do not buy inferior product to try and save a few bucks.  It is always best to buy a new hang glider as to avoid any probably mechanical or technical problems while you are in the air.  If you are buying a used hang glider, you should check it very carefully for defects.

Where Can I Buy A Good Hang Glider Online?

Ebay: The best place to find hang gliders online is on eBay.  There is an array of hang gliders in different price ranges just like the one pictured below. This particular hang glider is $999 on eBay. 

Hang Glider On EbayCredit: has great books and videos on hang gliding. Although they do not currently have full sized hang gliders for adults, they do have great hang gliders for children such as the one pictured below.

Children's Sling Hang Glider with Launch - Single (1) Glider in Red

Sling Hang Glider with Launch - Single (1) Glider in RedCredit:

This children's hang glider  is a sling hang glider with an elastic band launcher. Great for children 9 years old and above with adult supervision. 

Owning a hang glider can be a very pleasurable experience as long as you choose your hang glider wisely by thinking of quality before price and getting the proper training if you need to learn how to fly properly.