Buying a hanging wine glass holder or stand can be one of the better things you do for your wine glasses and for the décor of your kitchen or bar area. Wine glasses can and typically are simply stored in a kitchen cabinet by most people, however, the glass is more apt to chip or get damaged if the glasses are not stored properly. A quality wooden wine glass holder or a well made wine glass stand can safely store your glasses so that they are not bumping up against each other slowly damaging each other over the course of a glasses life span.

When it comes time to shop for a wine glass holder you may need to start exploring your many options. There are after all many different types of holders and stands that you can buy. Some of these stands are more decorative than others; some are almost unusable due to their aesthetic design, while other wine racks are just a simple rack system with little or no thrills. If a rack is not meant to add to the décor of a room then the design is usually simple and the costs are often fairly low.

Some deviations from this way of pricing wine glass racks is when the wine glass rack is built into the wine bottle rack as well. These types of pieces are usually full prices of furniture and can be quite attractive even when they are not elaborately designed. If you are in the market for a wine rack of this style you should be prepared for the highest price point of them all however it may be worth it for the functionality of a wine bar and for the aesthetic appeal of having a beautiful wine rack off to the side of your kitchen.

Most simple wine glass holders come in one of two styles – there are hanging wine glass racks which are installed on the underside of a cabinet or shelf and there are top mounted wine glass racks built into the top side of the shelf. The hanging rack tends to be the most popular and is the easiest to understand. The wine glass stem effectively slides into a groove that holds the wine glass from its base. Because the base is stationary and cannot move from side to side as it could on a shelf the wine glasses cannot slide around and bump into each other from all directions. This also prevents dust from settling inside of the glass itself which can be harder to clean out than just rinsing the glass off under the faucet.

The opposite common type of simple and cheap wine glass holder is the wine stand which is designed just like the hanging wine glass rack except it is installed on the top of a shelf rather than the bottom. This also keeps glasses from sliding around or bumping into one another when you are pulling them out of the cabinet but it doesn't dissuade dust from settling in the glasses during times of storage. One major benefit to standing wine glass holders and stands are that because they are on the top side of a shelf and often behind closed cabinet doors your glasses are usually a little more protected from you accidentally bumping them with items in the kitchen.

Most hanging and standing wine glass holders are either made of wood or metal and they are usually fairly simple in design. The wooden wine glass stands however always have the potential to be designed as a more robust home furnishing or even as a piece of furniture so these types of holders tend to vary in price quite a bit depending on the style and depending on the type of wood used in construction.

If you want to shop around for a fancy wine glass holder you almost surely have to go online if you want to find the best price possible and enough selection for you to choose one that you truly love. The fact of the matter is that most discount stores and local home wares stores tend to have only cheap and simple wine glass racks and stands in stock. While many furniture stores will probably have something a little more elegant in warehouse the chances are that these options will not be very widespread.

For better shopping there are many specialty furniture dealers online as well as wine accessory shops and general merchandise mega retailers which all can provide adequate options to your shopping endeavors. The big online stores like Amazon and eBay can give you a good overview of what's on the market and what basic price ranges are for the cheapest metal or wood wine glass stands while the specialty stores like eWine Racks, Beverage Factory, or Vinotemp can add more variety to your findings and help refine what you are looking for.

If you can successfully identify the exact style of wine glass rack and/or bar that you want then you should be able to start comparison shopping for the best price on that particular style. Maybe you find that you really only want an in-cabinet solution for holding your wine glasses when they are not in use. The comparison shopping online you embark in will help you narrow down the details of what you value and can help you identify the shops selling over priced items versus reasonably priced items.

In the end of your search, if you end up buying your wine glass holder from a larger online store like American Home Furnishings with a more broad home furnishing selection you may find that some of the other decorative racks and stands such as magazine racks or plate rack storage for your kitchens may be able to be matched with your wine accessories for an even more beautiful house. Store like this that offer fantastic items like iron coat rack trees and even smaller items like paper plate holders can really add depth to the functionality of your home while still improving on the interior design and look of your living space. Look around at the various shops and see what types of wine glass holders and other accessories can be purchased to improve the look and function of your kitchen or bar area.