Bean Bag Loungers for Kids

A bean bag lounger can be fun and comfortable while serving the purpose of providing additional seating. They are available in many colors and styles and even different types of material. The chairs are sold in sizes that fit children to very large ones with room for two or more adults. Bean bag loungers have been popular for decades particularly for children and young adults.

Popularity of a Bean Bag Lounger

The popularity of the bean bag lounger has endured since at least the 1960's when they were extremely popular. They are far more comfortable than they appear as their ergonomic design contours to fit the body and many can easily be converted into upright or extended shapes. Bean bag loungers are lightweight and can be easily tossed into a corner when not in use, and grabbed and placed anywhere in the room to add extra seating. College students often have at least one bean bag lounger as they are easy to transport, comfortable and are often not very expensive.

Materials Used to Cover a Bean Bag Lounger

Various materials are used to cover a bean bag lounger, while the inside is generally lined and filled with polystyrene beads. The exterior can be covered in corduroy, denim, vinyl, chenille, micro suede or fake fur to name just a few. Some bean bag loungers have even been designed for use outside and are water resistant. The material comes in many colors and they may be designed and sewn to resemble baseballs or other items or include team colors. Many materials used to cover bean bag loungers and chairs are considered rip-proof to help defray the mess of cleaning up Styrofoam beads.

Shopping for a Bean Bag Lounger

Shopping for a bean bag lounger is easy to do online with many sites being dedicated solely to bean bag chairs. Sack chairs are a similar item although not quite the same and may be found on the same websites. Many online department stores also offer bean bag loungers as do discount store sites and online auctions. Local stores may carry a couple of sizes and styles of bean bag loungers although the selection of colors and materials will not be as great as online sources.

Pricing a Bean Bag Lounger

Pricing a bean bag lounger online through comparison sites will help find the least expensive in a size and style you choose. A small children size is available in a basic solid canvas for as little as 39 dollars online. Large oversized chairs that are suitable for two adults plus can be found for approximately 300 dollars online and are offered in a variety of colors and fabrics. Vinyl covered bean bag loungers in a size perfect for dorm rooms can be found for less than 40 dollars as well. Choosing a bean bag lounger that is perfect for you and the spot you will store it in that coordinates the existing furnishings is very easy by shopping online. A bean bag club chair lounger is available for 92 dollars that mimics the look of a regular chair. An outdoor version of the bean bag lounger is available in bright orange for just under 350 dollars.

Care of a Bean Bag Lounger

The care of a bean bag lounger doesn't really require much effort. The vinyl ones may be wiped with a damp soapy cloth if needed, and many feature a removable washable cover that can be simply tossed into the washer and dryer. After time the beans may become compressed and require the addition of more filler which can be ordered online and easily poured into the chair. Due to their portability bean bag loungers are moved about in rooms much more than most pieces of furniture and should be kept well back from fireplaces and other sources which could possibly ignite them.

Using a bean bag lounger will allow the user to have the furniture contour to fit their own shape. Begin by setting it upright and "fluffing" the beans, if it will be used for as a chair. If using the bean bag for a lounger, lay it on its side and use the larger end for the head end. Scrunching down into the chair will create a comfortable seat which is easy to change when needed. Adding one or more bean bag loungers to a family or game room will allow for comfortable seating and are particularly popular for use as chairs for people who play video games. Stashing a bean bag lounger in a child's room will give them a comfortable place to sit and read and many are offered with coordinating foot stools.