A mahogany pedestal table has been used to build fine furniture since the mid 1700's as it was originally native to the America's. Many other types of wood are now called mahogany and the term "true mahogany" is misleading and includes types of wood that are related to mahogany. Most mahogany used in furniture making today comes from trees that were planted in Asia specifically to be grown for lumber. Due to it's rot resistance genuine mahogany is a very desirable wood. It is darker than many woods and when polished will have a reddish undertone. Antique tables will be made from genuine mahogany including Honduran and Cuban.

Mahogany Pedestal Table Choicesmahogany pedestal table

Many choices are available when choosing a mahogany pedestal table although mahogany is mostly used for building dining room pedestal tables and accent tables. Mahogany generally has a long straight grain, although exceptions may be found. It is often combined with floral marquetry inlays or other inlaid patterns.

Dining room pedestal table choices include square, round and most commonly found rectangular tables. The rectangular tables often can be extended to over twelve feet in length and will include several leaves that may be stored within the table in some instances. These tables will have at least two and sometimes three pedestals for support due to their extreme length. The pedestal and legs are often Duncan Phyfe style or Chippendale and George II and George III in antiques. The tops will have a beautiful glow and in tables with their original finishes the patina will have developed to a rich mellow hue.

Accent mahogany pedestal table choices are immense. A pie crust mahogany table can be easily found, both in new and antique furniture. The pie crust top is so popular it can even be found for doll house furnishing. The pie crust table can have a perfectly round or an interesting shape, it will be surrounded by fluted edges which extend above the table top. The feet may be ball and claw, paw, or snake depending upon the style and craftsmanship. A solid pedestal base with brass accents set upon a fluted column is another popular style of mahogany pedestal table. These are generally square or rectangular and may include drawers.

Shopping for a Mahogany Pedestal Table

Shopping for a mahogany pedestal table provides many choices. End tables and coffee tables made of mahogany are less common than the dining room and accent tables, although they do exist. Mahogany tables will retain their value particularly antique tables, which may range from two or three hundred dollars into the thousands. The craftsmanship on all tables will affect the price whether they are new or antique. This includes the inlays if any and the carving on the pedestals and legs.

Shopping locally both at antique stores and fine furniture stores should offer a selection of mahogany tables. Bargains may be found at local garage sales and estate sales as well. Browsing online will return literally hundreds of choices both new and antique in every size and style. Choosing the table will be easier by being able to see the tops and pedestals as well as comparing them to other similar ones. The ability to comparison shop and searching through popular auction sites online will ensure a beautiful table that meets your needs.

Pricing a Mahogany Pedestal Table

Pricing a mahogany pedestal table will take some research. By going online and defining the search terms comparison shopping will be much simpler. A new dollhouse piecrust mahogany pedestal table is available for seven dollars. Many full sized accent tables are available beginning at 150 dollars. Most of the full length new rectangular mahogany pedestal tables that expand up to 12 feet begin at approximately 2500 dollars. Matching chairs, buffets and china cabinets are available for most new dining room pedestal tables. Antiques may or may not be sold with the chairs and additional pieces.

Caring for a mahogany pedestal table will differ depending upon whether it is newly manufactured or an antique. Most antique tables will retain the original varnish finish and will require waxing and polishing, plus it is essential to protect them from water damage by using coasters. New furniture will generally have a polyurethane finish on at least the table top which can be washed with a damp dishcloth. If the pedestals and legs become scratched from feet resting on them, a touch up stick is available. If a Duncan style pedestal and legs with brass is used the brass may be cleaned and polished with a good brand of brass polish. With minimal care a mahogany pedestal table should last for hundreds of years.