A maple dining room table will last for generations if desired. Maple is a hardwood and lends itself quite well to furniture making. It is naturally a light colored wood but can be stained to bring out the various grains and to match the room decor. Whether purchasing an antique piece of furniture, an antique reproduction or a newly built piece of furniture, it is wise to do some research on the type of maple lumber used in the piece. Sugar maple is a hard wood. Furniture built from types of maple referred to "soft maple" is not always actually maple and should be considerably less expensive. For people Maple Dining Room Tableconcerned about the source of the lumber used in new furniture it is often advertised right on the webpage or is available from the manufacturer.

Choosing a Maple Dining Room Table

Some types of maple are specially grained. The most prevalent and commonly known of these are tiger, which is also referred to as curly, and birds-eye maple. The tiger maple has a wavy grain that when sawn and finished will appear striped. Tiger maple furniture is more expensive but retains its value. Finishes may be applied to mimic the tiger effect. If purchasing an maple dining room table it is important to know the difference. A good source for purchasing these online is at tigermaplefurniture.com.

Maple can be stained to take on a darker appearance or left natural and finished. Due to its grain and appearance it is very rarely painted. When choosing a maple dining room table that is an antique the finish is very important. The amount of care the new owner is willing to put into protecting the table is a consideration. If it is an expensive piece of furniture it is often recommended by antique experts to not refinish the top as this destroys the patina and will lessen the value of the table.

Carvings and Edges Common to a Maple Dining Room Table

Styles vary in a maple dining room table. The legs may have been turned and carefully carved. Pineapples are a common adornment in this wood, although not necessarily on table legs. A pedestal may be used or commonly two pedestals so the table may be extended while providing support. Four corner legs are also common in maple dining room tables. The table edges may be rounded, square or carved. Round tables as well as oblong, square and rectangular are all common shapes in maple dining room tables. Palm leaves may be found in newer pieces. An excellent source to find a casual maple dining room table is greatpricedfurniture.com.

Casual maple furniture is very popular. Generally unstained and finished to enhance the natural beauty of the wood it is very popular in farmhouse settings and apartments. Generally it has not had a lot of carving, but might resemble a butcher block finish. An excellent source for this type of table online is at dinette.com.

Matching Furniture for a Maple Dining Room Table

When choosing matching or complimentary pieces for a maple dining room table consider the amount of detailing used in the legs and edges of the main piece. The pedestal legs may be covered in brass or end in a variety of foot styles. They may be carved with patterns or fluted. If choosing a maple buffet or china cabinet to complete the room, try to choose one that carries the basic design elements. Chairs will have turned legs, carved or open backs and may even be mixed. The design elements remain the same if a formal setting is required; however more leeway is possible when choosing a set of chairs.

Cost of a Maple Dining Room Table

The cost of a new maple dining room table will vary considerably. The basic butcher block style begins very inexpensively, as low as 150 dollars. Going to an antique tiger maple will extend into the thousands. Shopping online, at both specific sites as well as ebay and amazon will provide the consumer with both information and price guidelines.

The quality of the maple, how it has been dried as well as the finish and design are all elements to consider when choosing a maple dining room table. These lovely tables are available in a style and finish to complement almost any room. Their sizes and shapes allow them to be used in kitchens, breakfast nooks as well as in formal dining rooms.