A marble dining room table is an item of beauty that will last a lifetime. Marble is a slightly porous stone and is available in a wide variety of colors. It will generally be combined with wood or metal to create a table. The table shape may be a standard four legged table or a pedestal table. Some fine examples of various shapes and materials used in to create a marble dining table can be found at diningtables.com. The coordinating furniture such as hutches, buffets and china cabinets may feature matching marble tops that matches the marble dining room table.

What is Marble?

Marble Dining Room TableMarble is mined from quarries all over the world. It features colors of rose, black, gray and white to name the most common. White or dark gray backgrounds are the ones most generally found, with sweeping veins of color flowing throughout. Some are tightly marbled and grained while others have less design. Marble is available in large slabs or in cut tile pieces. Tables may be made using either of these sizes. Faux marble is created using a variety of plastic and recreates the look of real marble. While it is less expensive it will not contain the durability and longevity of real marble. Faux marble would be better reserved for side and accent pieces than for the main dining room furniture.

How to Care for a Marble Dining Room Table

Caring for a marble dining room table is similar to any fine furniture. Marble is generally sealed with a special sealer to resist staining. It may be cleaned with a dampened dishcloth and dried. Marble polish is available and should be used to extend the life of the sealer and create a polished glow. Marble will scratch and the tables should not be used for cutting boards. The scratches may be polished out if not too deep; however treating it as any table top rather and with care will avoid this. Marble is more resistant to scorching, heat and cold than many materials used in dining room furniture, however to avoid discoloration, pans should not be placed directly onto the surface from stoves etc.

Where to Shop for a Marble Dining Room Table

Most fine furniture stores will carry or have catalogues showing marble dining room tables they can order. The tables are easy to find online and with some comparison pricing excellent savings and values can be found. Being able to see a huge variety of tables will help to choose what style and blend of materials best suits the home. Often entire dining room suites can be ordered together. The marble in these will match, which is often difficult to do when picking pieces that are not created at the same time or by the same manufacturer. Ambfurniture.com offers entire sets of furniture at affordable prices. Finding a piece or pieces is online at places such as Amazon.com or ebay can also help create huge savings.

Choosing marble from the same mine that is mined from the same vein is required to have it match. A marble dining room table may be found that coordinates with other furniture though through the color scheme of the marble. Thus it is not always necessary to purchase an entire set at once.

Pricing a Marble Dining Room Table

Depending upon the style the pricing of a marble dining room table may vary from as low as 100 dollars to several thousand dollars. Tall small square topped tables with marble tile will cost far less than a large solid slab of marble. The pedestal table is often round or rectangular and contains a solid slab. These tables will often begin at prices close to one thousand dollars and go higher. The quality of the marble, which is determined by the graining and colors is a major factor in used to determine the pricing of a marble dining room table. Generally the chairs are sold separately as are the other pieces of dining room furniture.

Beautiful pedestals are often used to hold a large marble dining room table top. These are practically works of art in themselves. Other options are wood frames and or metal frames that hold marble tiles. Coordinating chairs are often crafted of the wood and or metal. They may be upholstered or not. A solid marble dining room table is often used in traditional elegant settings and creates a very sophisticated style in the room. More contemporary furnishings and rooms often call for the marble tile tables set into wood and metal.