A quality metal coat rack can be an excellent addition to any entry way or living room. Metal coat racks, whether wall mounted or free standing offer an excellent way for households to merge decorative home décor with functional furniture that will be used frequently by you and all your guests.

The hall tree coat rack is usually found in an entry way setting due to the need to add or remove a jacket upon leaving or entering a home thus this is a good way to make an impact immediately to the front of the house.

Best Coat Racks For An Entry Way

Oak Hall Tree With Storage BenchBecause however entry ways typically become the loading an unloading zone for outdoor garments and accessories such as umbrellas, shoes, scarves, and hats the coat rack in the entry is usually going to get a bit wet. This may not be the case for completely dry climates but for wet climates it is unavoidable. For this reason the metal coat rack may not be the best choice for an entry way however it may be perfect for a living room where the items stored on these racks tend to be centered more heavily on items worn around the house such as robes, sweaters, and in house jackets.

Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella StandMetal coat racks are always going to be more prone to getting wet and damaging your clothes. This is usually unlikely but you can never be sure how a metal will react to wetness and clothing resting on that wetness. If you get the iron coat rack out of the entry way and place it in the family room or living room then you are more likely to focus on decorative appeal and have less to worry about when it comes to your coat rack damaging your clothing.

In the foyer to your house you may find that a cheap standing coat rack will do but it is easy to see the benefits of buying a coat rack with shelf or a coat rack with bench seating which sits flush against the wall. These types of home furniture are a little pricier and they take up more space than a vertical standing hall tree but they may be worth it for decorative appeal and functional design. You want to maximize functionality in the entry way after all and then you can take your secondary metal coat rack in the living room more emphasis on visual appeal and have less to worry about.

Wall Mounted Coat Racks vs Standing Hall Trees

Black Hanging Coat Hook With ShelfThe coat racks with shelves found in entry ways are usually designed to be antique or classically designed. They are bigger than standard cheap hall trees but they are worth it. Because they sit flush against the wall unlike a hall tree there are usually a number of hooks lined up side-by-side stationed above the bench to allow for hooking your coats on the rack or to allow for the use of hangers on the hooks or pegs capable of holding anything to large winter parkas to small plastic baby clothes hangers and baby clothing. These may be completely appropriate for entry ways when they are made of wood but metal coat racks might not be so universal.

Large Iron Standing Hall TreeAnother problem with putting a metal hall tree coat rack in an entry way is the fact that many entry ways are not carpeted because people are coming in from the elements outside on a constant basis. Usually tile, linoleum, slate, or some together form of stone entry way flooring is used and a metal coat rack stand sitting on a tile surface may be hazardous to the flooring. Unless you have an area run under the hall tree the metal stand may damage the tile flooring as time passes by.

Decorative Metal Standing Coat Racks

Black Metal Umbrella Holder Coat RackMany standing metal coat racks which are purchased for the sole purpose of decorating a living room, den, or family room in a home are usually purchased for decorative flair over all else. When you think of metal furniture you usually think of iron or copper but in many cases metal coat racks can easily be found painted white, black, or some other color designed to match the décor of a room. If you want a white metal coat rack, or any other specific color for that matter, you may find a lot of difficulty finding exactly what you are looking for just by heading down to your local furniture store or house wares retailer.

Instead there are many other retailers which focus on specialty furniture and home furnishings which can usually offer variety in items unmatched in a traditional retailers setting. Because brick and mortar stores are confined by spatial restrictions and because they have to cater to the average customer in their local area many of the unique items or specialty items simply won't be in stock as space is limited. Online specialty furniture retailers however will not likely have this problem which is why they are almost always going to be your best bet for finding the exact cheap metal coat rack you are looking for. They will likely have better pricing too but you won't ever know until you start comparison shopping.

Cheap Coat Rack In WoodOnline retailers in general make comparison shopping really easy in that you can look at the offerings of many different retailers in one sitting and compare the prices for relatively identical items very quickly and with little fuss. If you are torn between two similarly designed metal standing hall trees then you can simply default to the best pricing assuming all things else are equal.

So long as you know what you are looking for before you start shopping your should be ok. You want to find a quality piece of furniture which meets your needs. Keep in mind height requirements and base circumference for stability issues and then look for accessory options such as a lower shoe holder or umbrella basket for added functionality. If decorative flair is all you are after in your needs and wants regarding metal hall trees then that is fine too; just make sure to pay the right price for whatever metal coat rack you buy.