When shopping for home furnishings it’s good to include a metal coat stand with umbrella holder for your entry way.  Obviously coat racks and hall trees are not the only things that a home needs to function at its best.  You also need high quality furniture for the living and bed rooms, you want top quality appliances for your kitchen and laundry rooms, and you want decorative pieces to spruce up the design of a home but when it comes to having guests over the first impression is important and your entry way should be a top priority.

Brown Metal Coat Stand With Umbrella BasketIn the entry way to your home many larger homes would be well advised to lean toward the antique coat rack stands or those bench coat racks with shelves.  These are almost always larger pieces which are more expensive but their design and construction can add a huge amount of character to a room while also adding a lot of functionality.  Bench seating in the entry makes it much easier for a person to put shoes on and take them off and the bench also offers a ton of storage that a standing iron coat rack tree simple can’t offer.

Benefits Of A Metal Coat Stand With Umbrella Holder

Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella StandIf you opt to get a true free standing coat rack rather than a vintage style wall rack then you will be losing out of the coat hooks and the shelf that could be used as a cowboy hat rack but you will get the added benefit of having a coat rack that saves a ton of space and makes your entry way far more functional than only using a hall closet. 

For instance – if it is raining outside when you come in many standing hall trees have a dedicated umbrella holder off to one side of the coat rack.  Many umbrella baskets circle around the entire coat tree giving you room to store your umbrella so that it isn’t leaning up against a wall or left outside to dry.  You could use wooden coat racks for this function but you will have to treat the wood periodically to make sure it stays resistant to the moisture.  The metal also would have to be treated but often this is a bit easier.

Black Metal Umbrella Holder Coat RackSome umbrella holders can also be purchased as stand alone pieces.  This can be beneficial for especially rainy climates where a family may have multiple umbrellas in use on any given day.  If everyone in the family uses an umbrella then a dedicated umbrella holder can be quite useful.

Designed like a simple metal or wooden basket an umbrella basket can store your umbrella on the ground next to your coat rack or below coat hooks attached to the wall.  Many of the major discount stores like Target or Wal-Mart may carry these umbrella holders by themselves and they may carry standing hall trees with attached umbrella holders but usually, depending on where you live, you will have to go to specialty stores to get a coat stand like this otherwise you’ll have to do your shopping online.

Shopping For Special Racks And Stands

Oak Hall Tree With Storage BenchAs previously noted many specialized pieces of furniture like rolling coat racks or coat racks with attached umbrella stands can be hard to find at the basic discount superstores.  These stores cater more than anything to the masses and as such they offer items that the majority of people are seeking (i.e. cheap standing coat racks).  If you want specialized styles of coat racks or furniture such as interesting tables, wooden magazine racks, or decorative pieces of living room furniture you simply have to head over to the specialty furniture stores in your area or start shopping for these items online.  There is no right or wrong way to find these items but one good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that online prices will tend to be lower.

Many people, myself included, like to start shopping for these bigger and more expensive items in stores so that I can get an idea of what I like by looking at them in person and felling them with my hands.  You can also get a good idea of what prices are like for various levels of quality in the retail environment and then when you go online to make your purchase you’ll be much more confident that you are getting a good deal on exactly what you want no matter if it is a standing coat rack with umbrella holder or a vintage metal magazine rack.

Also when you purchase items online you can usually use discount codes depending on the store you purchase through which can often result in even better prices.  Stores like Amazon may not have these discount codes all that often but the ability they give you to compare prices and styles is hard to beat so they are a viable option as well.