Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Mildew is commonly known to the public as the general term for molds that grow almost every surface, usually on organic and fibrous ones. It often grows in closed spaces, where moisture is present and air circulation is often little to none. It is a concern at places in tropical climate regions – due to the combination of high moisture content in the air and high temperatures – though this is also a recurring problem almost everywhere. If your bathroom is haunted by these, then it is time to get yourself a mildew resistant shower curtain to quell the rapid development.

Spotting the mildew colony

Kitchens and bathrooms – particularly on fabric shower curtains, under the sink and toilet, and in corners – are often popular targets for the mildew-causing fungi because these places often get wet. Spores are in the air all the time; they only need some moisture to actually take effect. Aside from moisture, a water leak can also cause mildew and other biological growth to occur in your home. You can easily identify the cause of the growth and reproduction of these fungi. If the area is small, say a small spot on the ceiling or some accumulation at a corner, most likely a water leak caused the inhibition. If the affected area is larger, like a wide portion of a bathroom wall or the shower curtain, the fungi probably multiplied with the air's high moisture content.

Why not ordinary cloth curtains?

A thing going against using ordinary cloth shower curtains in places with high moisture is the notoriety of mildew to attack all kinds of fibers, yet organic fibers tend to suffer the most. Plant fibers – cotton, linen, and silk are examples of such – have some amounts of cellulose remaining in them. When attached to these fibers, fungi produce enzymes that transform the available cellulose into sugar for nutrition. Fibers from animals, like wool and silk, are no exception; some fungi live at, and nurture themselves on protein.

Some accumulation of mildew on a cloth can lead to serious damage over that affected area. The chemical change brought about by the consumption of the cellulose can alter the pH level of the cloth. As the pH level changes, the strength of the cloth weakens and stains will be formed as the cloth's dye color will also change. The damage of the cloth is only remedied through radical means, such as cutting off the affected area or the application of strong chemicals.

Why use mildew resistant shower curtains?

The mildew resistant shower curtain, unlike other kinds of shower curtains, has the ability to withstand the harmful effects of mildew. Synthetic fibers, like nylon and polyester, are used in production of this shower curtain. These fibers are not exactly fully resistant from fungi growth; scores of mildew still affect artificial fibers as it does on natural ones. It does a better job at long-term security against mildew.

It is long recommended by experts to use a mildew resistant shower curtain that is covered with vinyl. This shower curtain does a great job for keeping mildew at bay, and for a longer time as well. A mildew resistant shower curtain from vinyl is also reasonably cheap, as it would cost you for about $10 – from Walmart or Amazon – for one set. The bad thing about having a mildew-resistant vinyl shower curtain in your bathroom is the fumes that the shower curtain gives off when it is newly used. No one wants to inhale these as the smell can be harmful to the lungs. And, yes, this shower curtain can be damaged by mildew.

Maintenance of your shower curtain

You can have your own mildew resistant shower curtain without even having to buy one from a store. The shower curtain in your home can be utilized as a mildew resistant shower curtain if you are able to do proper maintenance on it. After every bath, you should wipe excess water off the curtain and leave it partially open so that enough air can dry both your bathroom and the curtain. Alternatively, you can put it in the wash every week.

But if you still want the vinyl mildew resistant shower curtain, buy one with a smooth surface so that you can shake off the remaining water after every shower. Water does not seep through a smooth surface; you can easily wipe off the moisture. Maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your curtain.

No matter what material your mildew resistant shower curtain is made of, the maintenance of your bathroom is also paramount. You have to keep your bathroom dry and clean so that mildew cannot sprout anywhere and multiply.


Your time in the shower is important; you don't want to waste that precious time because of mildew. That's why mildew resistant shower curtain is recommended: not only it makes your bathroom healthier, it also makes you healthier.