A modern pedestal table will have sophisticated and contemporary styling. The designs are inspired and difficult to imagine without seeing. Constructed of a variety of materials, plastic, glass and metal to name just a few, the modern pedestal table is often a work of art in its own right. Regardless of which you choose a modern pedestal table is certain to become a conversation piece.

Bases of a Modern Pedestal TableModern Pedestal Table

The sky is the limit when choosing from base styles used in creating a modern pedestal table. The base or pedestal may be simply a streamlined form, curved and sleek, or it may be a geometric shape, even a zigzag. Styles may resemble plain drums to a contemporary take on an old barber/s chair. They may also include molded graceful curves, or shelves of plastic set on a slant. They may be functional and serve more than one purpose or they may be simply a very stylish table. Occasionally the modern pedestal table will serve mostly as an object of art, as a few have very small tops placed upon interestingly shaped pedestals. Some modern pedestal tables will be designed by well known designers and artists or just inspired by them.

The shapes of the bases of a modern pedestal table will take on various interesting textures and patterns as well as curious twists, curves and styles. They may appear layered or made of old fashioned ice cube trays at one extreme, or will perhaps have a feminine form for a base at the other.

Materials used in Creating a Modern Pedestal Table

The materials used in creating a modern pedestal table cover a wide range. Surprisingly wood is often used in these contemporary designs. Often when using wood it will be painted a solid color or perhaps two or three contrasting colors, or else it will have very modern, clean, simple lines. Wood may be combined with simple bands of metal and may or may not have a solid glass top.

Polymers and plastics are common materials used in creating a modern pedestal table as it may be poured and extruded into nonconformist shapes to create many illusions. When these materials are used they will often be combined with a glass top which allows for the base to become a focal point. The shapes me simple and straight, be a smooth almost liquid flowing shape, or it may be angular in design. The color is generally throughout the entire molded piece and scratches will not be as visible as with painted furniture.

Glass will generally be combined with metal when used to create a modern pedestal table. The very interesting design this combination makes usually centers on the base being the focal point. The metal may be brushed, textured or reflective depending upon the style. Generally it will be simple and the style will be created with the straight lines and glass. Chrome and black is often featured and is often striking in its design. Textured and brushed metal may be used for the top while a shiny metal is used for the pedestal in a style reminiscent of drive-ins straight from the 50's.

Uses for a Modern Pedestal Table

A modern pedestal table will come in every table style, one to suit all uses. From dining room tables, kitchen tables, to accent and coffee tables these interesting designs will certainly spark lively conversation. There are simply outstanding designs available in these tables. They do generally require a more modern setting than traditional furnishings. Choosing complementary pieces is relatively easy, as dining and kitchen tables will have coordinating chairs, buffets and china cabinets. The chairs will often feature similar pedestals and be covered in minimally patterned fabric. While they may not appear comfortable, built more to design than comfort, they often are well padded and are deceiving in their appearance. Coffee tables and end tables as will often be found together and coordinating or complementary accent tables can be found as well. Work desks, consoles, cocktail tables and even game tables are some additional types of modern pedestal tables that are available.

Minimalistic is a term often associated with the styles used to create a modern pedestal table as well as other contemporary furnishings. Simple and contemporary are terms often used as well, but don't allow these terms to mislead you. The design and style of these tables will create magnificent centerpieces in any room, while being able to enjoy the same superb function as with any other style of table.