If you've ever had the need to lay a suit jacket on the back seat of your car then you probably know why having a car coat hanger can be a really good thing. The back of cars typically have the plastic grab handle with attached hanger hook which makes hanging clothes from the back seat possible. Usually this hook is used when we pick up the dry cleaning or take nice clothes on a long drive but most people aren't prepared for the casual encounters with clothing needing to be hung up. Much like a wooden coat hanger in the house can help retain the shape of your suits and coats without letting it get wrinkled a coat hanger in the car can accomplish the same task when you are don't have a closet nearby.

Suit Hangers For The Car?

The problem with standard suit hangers however, is that they are usually quite big and many times they won't fit properly in the overhead hooks located in cars. So even if you do op to bring a big wooden suit hanger for the car you may find that it is nearly useless in that it won't hang from the grab bar properly and won't help you maintain your suits and jackets as well as they could.

Wooden Valet Car Coat HangerFor this reason some specialty hanger makers sell car coat hangers for the backseat of your car which are designed to fit well and hold your coats, jackets, and suit jackets with ease and care. And because the backseat of a car is such a different environment to hang clothes from these car coat hangers can be invaluable in their design. They keep you from needing to lay your coat down and get wrinkles and keep your suit from being damaged by cheap wire hangers that typically do fit well on these backseat car hanger hooks.

It may surprise many people that these types of car coat hangers actually exist but there are specialty hanger manufacturers and car accessory companies which focus on every kind of hanger possible for the consumer as well as every possible kind of car accessory for the consumer. Considering there are two groups interested in providing this kind of accessory finding a car coat hanger online is somewhat easy despite the difficulties you may have in finding one in a traditional store.

Other Types Of Specialty Hangers

Slim Velvet Shirt HangersThese specialty clothing hanger companies sell everything from plastic baby clothes hangers, to slim non slip hangers, to extra wide oversized clothing hangers and everything in between. Car coat hangers are simply just another type of hanger which are actually modeled after normal coat hangers except with a different styled hanger hook which is more appropriate for use in a car. When they are used it conveniently pulls the hang away from the car window slightly giving your garments more room to breath which can help them to stay clean especially if you car windows are a little dirty.

Car coat hangers are also far more convenient to keep in a car for situations where hanging clothes or coats is necessary because these hangers are generally not usable in a regular setting. This forces you to keep the hanger in the car as you won't ever be tempted to bring it inside and add it to your ever burgeoning hanger collection in your closet. After all, what good is a car coat hanger to you if you take it out of the car before you need it? Because car coat hangers are a dedicated and specialty item they are more likely to be available to you when you need them and more likely do the job right compared to similar alternatives.

Black Velvet Suit HangersShopping for car coat hangers, however, may be the most challenging part of using them. You local store will likely have a selection of wooden hangers in all different types and sizes. They will have cheap black plastic hangers, white plastic hangers, and probably a selection of non slip hangers likely made of fabric or a rubberized type of plastic similar to the manufacturing and design of Joy Mangano Huggable hangers. Unfortunately car coat hangers are a little more niche oriented and they are unlikely to be stocked in your local discount superstore or even you local home and house wares store. To get a good variety of car jacket hangers you will need to shop online at one of the many specialty outlets such as Hangers.com, Sierra Trading Post, or Organize It just to name a few. These stores carry just about every kind of hanger imaginable and can usually get you exactly what you need for a fair price.

You may also want to consider doing some comparison shopping online at stores like eBay and Amazon as these stores usually carry similarly large stocks of specialty items such as this but their merchants offering these items are generally smaller retailers who you would be unlikely to find through other means. This can give you a wide variety of unique items to choose from and can also give you an idea of the true price range a car coat hanger should fall into depending on the construction quality of the hanger.

In most closets one of the best kinds of hangers you can buy are cedar hangers cause cedar is an excellent quality f wood that also benefits a closet by repelling many pests that may want to take up space in the folds of your clothes while they are in storage. In the car however cedar is unnecessary because you should not be storing your clothes in your car but merely hanging your items in the car on occasion. You mostly are looking for a well constructed hanger which actually draws your coat or garment away from the window so that it hangs freely. Wood is probably better than plastic due to the sun driving through the windows but most important to your purchase should be the design rather than the materials.

If you do end up buying a car coat hanger you will likely enjoy the freedom it gives you to hang your jackets and coats while you drive rather than lay them down or sit on them, each of which produces wrinkles that needn't be there. Before you buy make sure you do your comparison shopping online to find the best deal possible. You probably won't be buying enough to get a bulk discount but that doesn't mean you can't find the lowest price point on the car coat hangers you do buy.