Overflowing closets and dressers are inevitable when two households merge into one or extra guests come to visit. Holidays and weddings bring family from all over and then space becomes limited to a huge mess with bags and suitcases all over the house. Sometimes it is simply a matter of no extra space to hang things or too many shopping trips to the mall. This causes some items to get left in laundry baskets or duffle bags and others just get tossed over the back of the closest chair. There is an answer to this dilemma. A portable clothes rack can save your sanity when that lifelong friend becomes your partner or the kids make the temporary move back home, and even when retail therapy gets a Portable Clothes Racklittle out of hand. Whatever the reason for your closet shortage, a portable clothes rack can offer you and your guests a whole other closet exactly when it is needed.

Portable clothes racks are great to keep handy for seasonal clothes, guests visiting for an extended period of time or an extra roommate. Extra closets are often hard to come by and a portable clothes rack can become just that without the need for building one. They usually come with wheels on the bottom for easy mobility and most models are made with either cloth or plastic covers to keep the contents dust free. The covers zip shut to hide the contents of the portable clothes rack and make it easy for this modern convenience to blend with almost any room décor. Wheels on the bottom of the clothes rack means that placement of this marvel can be wherever you choose and it can be put away when it is not needed. There are a few portable clothes racks that also come with built in "shelves" to hold those items that cannot be hung up with hangers. Extra shelves in your movable "closet" means that you will not need to purchase another dresser or other sets of drawers in order to take care of the needs of your guests. It also means that you will no longer have to worry about finding clothes all over the floor when you have no room in the guest closet for the bulky winter sweaters and scarves when the weather begins to warm and the snow begins to melt.

The cost of a portable clothes rack depends on where you buy it. They are available almost everywhere, and they are a very inexpensive alternative to building more closets in your home, which can turn into a thousand dollar chore. From Target to K-Mart, portable clothes racks serve people all over the world without costing any more than the regular cost of a trip to the store might when you are going to buy groceries or other household goods. Typically, a portable clothes rack can be purchased for well under a hundred dollars from any big name retail store chain. The inexpensive cost allows for the savings to be spent on other kinds of household storage or put away for a family vacation when all of your guests finally go home. It also makes it possible for everyone to own a portable clothes rack.

The placement of a portable clothes rack is endless. They can be used in the basement for storage of seasonal clothes, a guest room for extra closet space for extended stays or a laundry room for extra storage when you need it the most. They have mobility so that they can be moved out of the way whenever it is convenient, added storage for more room and can add flair to any décor when it is in reality a type of closet. Portable clothes racks can be a wonderful addition to any household looking to maximize space and clean up regular messes on the floor. The possibilities are endless and the options are plenty. Many times, the messes in life stem from the fact that there is not anywhere to put things, so they end up on the floor or all over the counters. Now you have other options and the dream of a clutter free home can finally become reality. There is definitely a portable clothes rack out there to meet your needs and your style, if only you take the time to shop for one. If an additional closet is what you need in your home, then a portable clothes rack should be a great investment.