The Proform 750 Treadmill: Star 'Pro'former

No matter where you go, there seem to be positive reviews about the Proform 750 treadmill. Most of them gush with effusive praise, but the best of them are controlled comments that merely say why a particular feature appeals to them. Take a look at this piece from a grateful Mom:"Might I say that it can also put up with two kids who think it's a toy" – you can't even pay for that kind of advertising. A brief exploration of the machinery behind the mania might yield a suitable justification for the phenomenon.

What's In A Name?

The Proform reputation for sound and sensible products was created in the early days of the company, with the first SpaceSaver folding design, now standard on most home-use treadmills. Ever since then, the name Proform has been associated with innovation, quality and customer care. The lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the Proform 750 exercise treadmill speaks volumes about this aspect of their business strategy. Their strong customer base is a testament in its own right, and with leading innovative add-ons to nearly every new model that comes out, Proform is not one to rest on its laurels.

Introducing the Godfather Of Treadmills

The Proform iLog 750 Treadmill or the PFTL97007, to call it by its christened names, is the flag-bearer of the company's treadmill range of home cardio equipment. It's the perfect treadmill for training for an upcoming marathon. It features the iFit journal, which keeps track of your performance all the way back to a year ago – crucial if you're training for a marathon run. Another marathon-based feature is the 10-workout mechanism, which includes 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon settings. The 4 Create and Save Workout settings are great for when you want to customize a workout and save it for later use.

High Impact Through Low Impact

Impact problems have always been a big challenge with running equipment. Shoe manufacturers, treadmill makes, and even sports orthopedists and physiotherapists are constantly trying to find ways of reducing impact when jogging or running. Proform has successfully resolved this issue up to 33% with their ProTech 3 adjustable cushioning feature. This absorption system greatly reduces the chances of impact related spinal disorders – very useful if you're a road-runner on a break.

Beat Your Heart Out

The inch tall display on the Grafixx console is perfect to monitor your heart rate; it also gives you company on your walk or run in the form of an animated figure that keeps you constant company. The 55 inch long and 20 inch wide tread-belt, or running deck, allows for a comfortable stride even if you're quite tall. The zero to ten mph Precision QuickSpeed Control is also very conveniently set in stages for progressive build-up or immediate acceleration. The 3.5 CHP commercial motor from Mach Z ensures lifelong service without chances of burnouts. No wonder they confidently give every Proform 750 treadmill that rolls out of their facility a lifetime guarantee in the motor and frame.

The True Test: Statistics Shmatistics

And it's not just the company standing alone on a soapbox raving about its own product either. Advertising and well-compiled statistical data can make any product look good, but the acid test for a treadmill, or any product for that matter, is the candid comments of its users. Looking at independent reviews, you'll find a lot of people saying that it is very easy to use, runs smoothly, works well and is easily adjustable, apart from being roomy, reliable, easy to put together and sturdy. With that many adjectives and compliments, it's not hard to see what makes the Proform 750 Treadmill a master in its class.