Red Side Tables for Your Home

There is a red side table available to accent any set of furnishings and in almost every price bracket. Due to its popular appeal, red can be used for an accent or to create a bold statement in the living room where it can be found in side and coffee tables. Wood may be tinted a deep red color, or plastic may be used to create a dramatic modern twist to traditional furniture. These are but a few of the many choices available when buying a red side table that will focus attention on the room and the piece itself.

Adding Flair with a Red Side Table

Adding flair to the room is easily achieved by the use of a red side table. The drama and warmth of red combines to create a piece that will not be overlooked. Similar tables may be found in black or other highly dramatic colors but red lends itself well to the stylish designs created for side tables.

Modern interpretations of the traditional side table include for example a red magazine table designed to look like a folded platter, including a pull on the front, the legs are created by the bends and it contains no drawers or shelves. Another contemporary piece designed in a solid shiny deep red plastic appears to be pulled and lightly twisted and covered with a glass top. Plastic may be shaped into very contemporary patterns including long graceful curves or squares and prisms. Rounded wire side tables with flat tops are very popular due to their appearance on television shows, although many steel and wire styles are available and its appeal is not limited to modern interpretation.

Contemporary red side tables are found in more simple but highly functional styles. These have drawers and shelves on many models but may often have simple lines and forms, or may mimic a period style such as the 1950's by combining metal pedestals with red bases and tops. Styles built from redwood and painted or stained similarly to picnic tables are available for casual or beach use.

As a balance to the modern red side tables, traditional styles carefully crafted from fine wood and detailed with hand carvings exist at the other end of the spectrum. These tables may be lacquered and completed with marble tops or they may be combined with brass to create an Oriental look. These tables may be lacquered or stained a deep rich red to create an elegant, luxurious side table.

Shopping for a Red Side Table

Shopping for a red side table can begin locally at furniture stores and possibly antique or estate sales if searching for a traditional model. Modern or contemporary styles may be difficult to find locally or will not be offered in much variety. Shopping online for red side tables will present many choices to choose from regardless of the style chosen. Images are available to look through when choosing as well as dimensions and the name of the pieces which can be used for comparison shopping. Searching home furnishing websites as well as sites that provide only tables will bring up many choices.

Pricing a Red Side Table

Pricing a red side table will be easiest online by comparing like items offered through various sites. A very basic red side table in an Adirondack style is available for purchase as low as 53 dollars while a nice shaker style is offered for 253 dollars. The red side table made from plastic and twisted into a prism is available for 50 dollars online. Red side tables for outside use begin at 40 dollars apiece and go higher. A deep red side table with a marble top can be found online for 980 dollars and a courtesan style table is available beginning at 239 dollars. The prices will vary and many deals can be found through careful shopping, including online auction sites.

Choosing a red side table will make a statement in the room and will draw attention. If choosing one that will need a matching coffee table ensure they are offered, however piecing together a room can create a beautiful eclectic look. Determining whether drawers or shelves are needed or if the piece is being chosen primarily for an accent rather than to hold books or magazines will help to decide which red side table best suits the room. They may be available in a red wicker also and formed into shapes such as elephants and lions and covered with a flat top.