Creating a warm welcoming feeling for family meals is easy when they are enjoyed over warmth of a solid wood pedestal table. These tables are available in a size and shape to fit every kitchen and dining room. The pedestal base allows the table to seat extra diners comfortably with no shortage of leg room.

Supports of a Solid Wood Pedestal Table

The use of one or two columns to support a solid wood pedestal table is common. They may be simple designs or very elaborate ones created by combining several legs into one. There are many styles of Solid Wood Pedestal Tablesupports, most with feet supporting the center pedestal. The central support must be sturdy enough to solidly hold the table but it may be graceful and elegant in style

Extending a Solid Wood Pedestal Table

Extending a solid wood pedestal table is usually a very simple task. Many will have carefully placed and concealed wooden leaves hidden within them. Some will pop right up when the table is pulled apart. They may be butterfly folded leaves where they are jointed in the center or solid. Tables with one or two pedestals with a top that may be expanded to hold up to three or four leaves are very common.

Often a handle needs to be released to allow the table to separate. Using two people to pull evenly on the ends will make this a simple task. The leaves will usually connect with the table through the use of dowels and holes to form a tight fit before closing the remaining gap by both people pushing the ends back towards the center.

Patterns on a Solid Wood Pedestal Table Top

Patterns may be used on a solid wood pedestal table top. Carefully chosen wooden inlays may have been placed to resemble intricate designs, created by intermingling small pieces of light and dark wood. This carefully applied craftsmanship is commonly seen on accent tables and side tables. Fluted edges are seen often on accent tables which may be covered with glass to protect the finish.

The pedestal itself may be elaborately carved. Pineapples, lions, horses, and elephants are common designs seen on pedestals, as well as various shapes of leaves. The feet may be simple or carved as well. Using wood to create a table allows the artist much leeway when building a custom piece of furniture.

Purchasing a Solid Wood Pedestal Table

Purchasing a solid wood pedestal table is easy when shopping online. Whether you are seeking a dining table or an end table they are available in many sizes and shapes. These tables may be painted or stained. They are also available unfinished so the consumer can choose whether to stain or go all out and paint an elaborate design. The price range varies considerably due to the differences in size, quality of wood, design and finishes applied. A lacquered solid wood pedestal table may run into thousands of dollars as may a carefully inlaid dining room table, whereas a simply designed unfinished side table may be found for well under one hundred dollars. There are many options available to the buyer both in quality and price. Carefully comparing pieces online and locally should result in finding the perfect choice.

Caring for a Solid Wood Pedestal Table

Regardless of the quality of the table, caring for a solid wood pedestal table should be fairly simple by following a few tips. Do not write on a piece of paper that has been placed directly onto the table. This will allow the pressure of the pen or pencil to go through and indent the wood. The same holds true for pressing anything too roughly into the table top. Placing pans directly onto the finish will ruin the finish, either by causing it to bubble or scratching it. Bowls, plates and everyday serving items will not cause problems if the table has a polyurethane finish. If the table has been treated with varnish, trivets and hot pads should definitely be placed under hot dishes. If glasses are placed directly onto varnish the moisture will leave a white ring, thus it is imperative to use coasters with anything containing hot or cold liquid.

Polishing and carefully wiping the base and top of a solid wood pedestal table according to the manufacturers directions will keep it clean and help protect the wood. Wood furniture adds ambience and character to a room. If well cared for a solid wood pedestal table could easily last a lifetime.