Does your kid want to go to Bikini Bottom? Buy a Spongebob Squarepants bed tent for kids today and they will be in Bikini Bottom tonight. Remember how vivid your imagination was as a kid? It was fun to lie in bed at night and imagine being transported to some far off mystical place. Many times, it was the cartoon characters that inspired the imagination at that age. Now, kids have all kinds of cool stuff to play with.  They don’t have to make a play tent from a boring cardboard box. If it is a popular cartoon character, chances are pretty good that some manufacturer has made a great kid’s toy using it; like the bed tent.

A Fun Entertainment Headquarters For Kids

What is a bed tent? It is a foldable, portable tent that fits onto a child’s bed for a whole new sleeping experience. Kids can crawl under the tent and have all kinds of fun adventures in their minds. Tents that fit over the bed are great for sharing during sleepovers. Kids can take their tents with them to Grandma’s house. Small boys love the idea of  these as as “headquarters” for fun and adventure.

Sleepovers Are More Fun With Spongebob 

Play tents are great for keeping kids occupied and happy in their rooms; even more so if Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and grumpy Mr. Crab are there too. Your child will become the most popular kid in the neighborhood with a cool bed tent to share with his or her friends. What do kids do in their cute themed tent? They eat snacks, giggle a lot and read scary stories by flashlight. Even the family pets can join in on the fun.

The Spongebob Squarepants Bed Tent For Kids Is A Great Gift Idea

If your little one spends hours watching the goofy antics of this underwater character, this product would make a perfect gift for them. Maybe your child is so hooked on the characters that live in Bikini Bottom that their bedroom looks like a bright yellow nightmare when you open the door. Buying them something to crawl under could at least shield their eyes from the rest of the décor. This product  is a great gift idea for the kid who seems to have everything.

Is there a cure for Spongebob-itis?  Unfortunately, there is no known cure at this time. With grown men walking around wearing Spongebob boxer shorts, the cure may be a long time coming. Even older folks like me get a kick out of watching the underwater adventures of a talking yellow sponge and his friends.

SpongeBob Bed Tent
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(price as of Jun 7, 2013)
Isn't this cool? Not only are the colors cheerful and happy, there is plenty of room for Patrick, Mr. Crabs and even nervous old Squidward. Any kid could have hours of imaginative play in a product like this.