Square Pedestal Tables - Beautiful Antique or Contemporary Table Designs

A square pedestal table can be used throughout the house providing a functional style to any room. The square tops are available in many sizes and heights while the pedestal base allows for additional leg room. Manufactured from many materials, including wood, metal and plastic the square pedestal table will fit easily into corners, nooks and crannies as well as being a focal point in any room.

Square Pedestal Table Options

The square pedestal table options are endless as they are used both in home and commercial settings. They range from cafe style tables with a metal post and flat base with legs to very expensive glass and wood dining room tables featuring spectacularly carved pedestals. Tall square topped tables are often used in restaurants and lounges as well as poolside at hotels and homes and often have hooks underneath to hold purses.

Smaller square pedestal tables are often used for end tables and coffee tables as well as accent tables near doors and to hold plants. Nightstands often employ this style of table although they will generally include at least one drawer as well. The square tops may be constructed of solid wood, tile, glass or a combination of these as well as other materials.

Square pedestal tables are often used in kitchens, generally with chairs although booths are another popular option. They may be a solid top table or may have leaves and be extendable and the pedestal base may be solid or have a swinging leg for additional support. Dining room tables may be square as well, although these are not as commonly seen as the rectangular ones.

The pedestals on a square table for the home depend upon the overall style of the furniture, with contemporary, modern and traditional being some of the main themes. They may be simply turned or may be very ornate and elaborately decorated with brass and other accents. A solid base may be built that carries a square look throughout or it may be a round base with a square top. Square glass tops supported by bases made from stone and wood are available as well, with the base generally dictating the style of the furniture.

Shopping for Square Pedestal Tables

Shopping for square pedestal tables may be accomplished locally at furniture stores and garage sales, as well as some discount stores. While only a limited selection may be on hand the stores are often able to order different colors and styles.

Online shopping for square pedestal tables will offer many sizes and styles to choose from for every room in the house. Hundreds of different accent and cocktail tables are available to complement any living room decor. Kitchen and dining room tables often have coordinating pieces, such as china cabinets and buffets or hutches that can be purchased to create a matching set. Double pedestal bases are available and often seen in tables that are able to be expanded. Unique pedestals including shelves either for use or decoration can be found as are pedestals that are simply about style and shaped in long chromed curves to be placed under a glass top.

Pricing for a Square Pedestal Table

Pricing for a square pedestal table will vary widely depending upon the purpose of the table, its size and the materials from which it is built. Choosing a small tall black and white checkerboard table on a chrome base for 150 dollars for a breakfast table is one option available. A decorative accent table created from two layers of glass with the top held in place with thin chrome tubes can be purchased for 350 dollars. A very unique black Lucite base dining room table with a square wooden top featuring a mirrored center runs 3800 dollars. These are but a few examples of unique tables available. A regular cafe style table can be purchased for less than 160 dollars, while a beautiful square oak kitchen table for the home can be found beginning as inexpensively as 150 dollars.

Care and maintenance of a square pedestal table will depend upon the finish it has and what is made from. Generally keeping the base and top clean as well as keeping any screws or other hardware tight will be all that is required. Manufacturers will usually include care instructions for polishing wood or other materials used to build the furniture. Chairs may or may not be included when purchasing a square pedestal table for the kitchen or dining room, however they are usually available in styles to coordinate with the table.