If you are like most families you probably know that paper plates make life much easier in the kitchen but without paper plate holders using paper plates at meal time can be difficult due to the lack of support most paper plates offer and due to the potential of paper plates giving way in the middle due to the accumulation of moisture. This is very apparent when you put hot and saucy food on a plate and then place the plate down on a surface. When you lift the plate up later on often there is a wet spot left on the table. With a wicker or plastic paper plate holder many of these problems are addressed.

Cheap Wicker Paper Plate HoldersA wicker paper plate holder is basically a spherical wicker basket designed somewhat like how a Frisbee is designed and made. It is basically a shallow bowl roughly the diameter of your standard sized paper plates and they are designed to simply hold the paper plate in place so that you don't have to support the plate on both sides when picking it up and you don't have to worry about the physical integrity of the plate as it gets wet with use.

Similar to the wicker paper plate holder a plastic paper plate holder is basically the same thing except that the plastic makes cleaning the paper plate holder much easier and it also makes it so that the resting surface under the paper plate is almost always perfectly flat which is somewhat different from wicker which can lay slightly unevenly. Both plastic and wicker will both do really well in not transferring heat from the plate to the hand as well so this is less of a concern to the user.

Cheap Plastic Paper Plate HoldersCheap plastic paper plate holders are actually one of those niche items that so few people buy that many local stores will be less inclined to stock them. Even through they are very inexpensive and aren't large in size many home goods and house wares stores will bypass these types of items in favor of selling TV trays or dinner trays rather than plate holders. Despite this however you can always try stores like Bed bath and Beyond which usually have a great variety in household items such as these.

Even if you have trouble finding paper plate holders in stores near you you can always head online to the many specialty stores which deal in unique and simple household items such as this. Stores like Amazon and eBay make comparison shopping for cheap paper plate holders and stands easy while stores like Etsy make finding unique paper plate holders and stands even more fun and interesting. This is because these stores focus on bringing customers and sellers together regardless of their size. Small retailers can find a market full of buyers when they join networks like these while buyers can usually find sellers of items which are far more unique than what can easily be found on the shelf at WalMart.

The cost of paper plate holders no matter the material they are made of are quite low as you would expect. The only thing that would increase the cost of products like these is the quantity in which you have to buy them. If you have a family of four then you probably will need at least four paper plate baskets, if not many more. In fact larger families which cater to friends and family fairly normally may be even better served by buying large quantities of these paper plate holders, enough so that every person using a plate has a holder available to them regardless of how many people are at the dinner party.

One major thing you will want to keep in mind in deciding which paper plate holders to buy is what size paper plates you use most often and how you plan on keeping your plate holders clean. If you typically use smaller plates you may not want to buy a smaller plate holder because in instances where you do buy larger paper plates, say for a picnic or for family gatherings, you will want your wicker or plastic plate holders to fit your plates. Usually if your holder is a bit bigger than your plate then that is ok but if your plate is larger than the holder then sometimes they don't work to well.

And in regards to cleaning you way want to consider how messy your family is because cleaning a wicker paper plate holder is going to be far more difficult than cleaning a solid or mesh plastic plate holder. For instance if you go camping a lot or if you have small children then wicker is probably going to be getting dirtier and will be harder to keep clean when compared to the simplicity of cleaning plastic. You may be able to even run your plastic plate holders through the dish washer on occasion just to make sure they are clean. Wicker will likely not be dishwasher safe however if you look for this specifically in a product it may exist, however you are unlikely to find any such item in a retail store in your neighborhood, online shopping is likely to only way to go.

As stated before the best place to buy wicker or plastic paper plate holders is online simply because you are going to be buying in bulk or small multiples and because local stores are going to be unlikely to have many different options in terms of variety. You may find that everyday use plate holders don't matter too much in terms of their style and look however there may be plates better designed for outside use than inside use. To find variety of this nature you will have to look online through Amazon or on the many specialty home goods stores such as Candles And Woodcrafts, Lillian Vernon, and Team Tailgate Shop which have plenty of variety and should be capable of meeting all your needs. At the very least shopping online at these stores will make the comparison shopping easier and will at least make sure you understand that you are getting the best deal possible on cheap paper plate holders as possible.