affordable engagement ring

Affordable engagement rings and diamonds and other engagement gifts!

So the time has come to pop the question and you're naturally a little nervous. To make matters worse you can't even afford a massive diamond ring and do the proposal like they do on TV. Well, firstly relax! Those types of giant diamond engagement rings you see on TV only ever happen on TV. Your girlfriend should know fully well what your financial situation is and she would never expect you spend your life savings on a ring! It's actually quite easy to buy an affordable engagement ring that looks good and saves you money that you can spend on the big day, the honeymoon or family planning in the future.

So firstly what you need to do is set your budget and decide exactly how much you are willing to spend on the ring. This will vary for person to person and from country to country as it's completely down to your financial situation and the amount you have in savings. Just remember a ring that looks nice will mean just as much to a girl then how much you actually spent on it. It's not like your going to show her the receipt anyway! There is a great range of affordable engagement rings on Amazon!

Next you have to accept you're not going to be able to buy a diamond. Unless you get really lucky it's incredibly hard to find an affordable diamond engagement ring. Therefore you need to look into buying a ruby or sapphire style ring. These are much less expensive but still beautiful in the eyes of your special lady! If you really must get a diamond then it is possible just to get a lesser quality diamond. You can get affordable diamonds with a lesser colour. She will probably not be able to tell the difference between an expensive one and a lesser one anyway!

There is also the option that you buy a second hand or used engagement ring. Some men don't like doing this as they want it to be brand new but it really doesn't make much of a difference. As long as it appears like new there is nothing wrong with it. In some cases it can be considered even more romantic if you manage to get hold of an antique engagement ring or one that is a family heirloom! If you really want to save money then you could think ahead and buy an engagement and wedding ring set. This will end up being much cheaper then getting them separate.

The main thing is just to make sure you have put some thought into it. You may be worrying that you need a really expensive and stunning ring however the reality is that most women are just happy enough to be asked, the ring is just a bonus! One thing I can say to never ever do is get a cubic zirconia wedding ring. That really is too cheap and your girlfriend may well end saying no if that's what she sees!

As i said earlier Amazon is a really good place to get affordable engagement rings!