Finding a truly unique antique coat rack stand can be somewhat difficult as many standing coat racks for sale are merely new items designed in an antique style. This is fine for many people who enjoy the design of an antique hall tree but for those looking for authentic antique furniture it may be hard to find what you are looking for without scavenging the many thrift stores isles and used furniture superstores. EBay may be a good place to look for antique furniture like coat racks but looks can be deceiving.

Oak Hall Tree With Storage BenchAntique coat rack stands traditionally come in two styles. There is the more well known style which many people today call a hall tree coat rack which is usually made of wood bat can also be found in various metals. In fact an iron coat rack tree can be quite antique looking especially if the metal is brushed or dinged up a little bit. So even if you are looking for true antique design these pieces may be a better way to appear old world.

Hall Tree Coat Rack vs Standing Coat Racks

Slim Hall Tree Coat Rack In WoodHall trees or coat rack stands are usually tall and narrow stands with pegs sticking out of the top in all directions which are capable of holding a good deal of coats, sweaters, or miscellaneous garments. Usually there is a second tier of hooks and pegs coming out of the top of a hall tree which can hold even more jackets or garments but are often used to hold accessories such as hats.

Fancier or higher end model coat rack stands will also have a lower section which is usually designed like a circular basket which surrounds the lower third of the rack and is frequently used to hold items like umbrellas, canes, or any other similar outdoor accessory. Coat rack stands also sometimes include a lower area and the foot of the stand which is capable of holding a few pairs of shoes off of the floor but under the stand so that a shoe can adequately be stored away from foot traffic and dry if the shoe is wet from being out doors.

Valet Style Coat Rack Stands

Hall Tree Coat Rack With Storage BenchThe other main type of antique coat rack stand is the valet style coat rack which is designed to offer all options for people who are entering a house or leaving it. An antique coat rack stand with bench seating usually is designed much like a bench might be designed if it had a tall back support attached to it. The bench is not designed to be particularly comfortable to sit on for long periods of time but rather it is designed to provide a seat for a person removing or putting on shoes and a storage area under the bench for outdoor items that may be needed as one were to leave the house.

The back of the bench seat usually is rather high and has a lateral set of coat rack hooks which can be used by members of the household to store their garments, coats, jackets, sweaters, or anything else they take off upon entering the house. Usually a coat rack with shelf is designed into the piece of furniture so that on top of the entire piece of furniture you can store additional hats, gloves, scarves, nick-knacks or even personal items such as your keys, wallet, and cell phone. The shelf can act like a landing strip and make life a lot easier in terms of your organization when leaving the house or coming home.

Shopping Tips For Coat Rack Stands

Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella StandAs you might expect the larger and more elaborate antique coat rack stand with bench requires a little more floor space and a lot more construction to put together and as a result many of these types of coat rack stands are quite expensive. They are often highly regarded high end pieces of furniture and are heavily decorated with stylization as much so as they are designed to be functional entry way valets.

Price ranges for different types of coat rack stands of course will vary depending on the type of coat rack stand you are shopping for, the materials used in construction of the stand, the decorative and qualitative design of the piece of furniture, and the actual age of the piece of furniture. If you are like most people and you want a furniture item that is simply inspired by antique or traditional design elements your price range will be much lower. Conversely if you are looking for a true antique piece your costs may go up significantly due to the lack of supply and age of the antique item.

Cherry Wood Coat Rack StandDepending on what type of antique cat rack stand you are looking to buy you are going to have a few different places which are going to be better than others for you to shop at. True antique items are going to be hard to find online with any certainty. There are antique furniture websites out there which deal in antique furniture and if you frequent them enough you may be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Some sites for you to consider are Old Plank and Aardvark Antiques. Then there is the ever present stale of checking out eBay for antique items however you will have to be very careful to make sure your item truly is an antique. Another off line source for antiques in addition to thrift stores are estate sales and auctions. You may want to check around your local neighborhood for information on local estate sales.

For the bulk of furniture shoppers however antique styled furniture will do and shopping for antique inspired coat rack stands should be much easier. There are plenty of specialty furniture stores out there which cater to a diverse crowd of shoppers who are interested in well made and highly decorative pieces of furniture. Online retailers like Accent Furniture Direct, Coat Rack Shack, and iFurn are prime examples of companies focusing on delivering unique and interesting home furnishing to customers who want quality items.

You can obviously do plenty of shopping in your local neighborhood as you look for what you want but make sure to comparison shop online to see if you can find similar items for a better price. Comparison shopping is one benefit the internet affords us and is not to be overlooked. You can find a quality antique coat rack stand down the street but to find the exact style of coat rack stand is less likely. Online however you can usually find the exact stand you want and get it for the lowest price possible.