An antique white pedestal table adds charm and character to a room. Often used in rooms near seashores or to create a comfortable relaxed style, they are a much sought after item. They may be used for side tables, accent tables or for a main dining room or kitchen table.

Are Antique White Pedestal Tables Really Antiques?

There are many true antique white pedestal tables; however the reproduction market is huge. If owning Antique White Pedestal Tablea vintage antique is what is the most important then choose very carefully, purchasing it either from a family that has passed the table down for several generations or from a trusted antique dealer.

How are Antique White Pedestal Tables Produced?

Reproduction antique white pedestal tables will be produced to create the same look as though it has been passed down as an heirloom piece. The wood may be pine, oak or maple and will be painted and distressed to give an antique look. They will usually have a quality modern finish applied such as polyurethane to protect the wood from moisture. A pickled style and a milk paint style is also available to reproduce popular styles of painting from the past. Gold leaf and accents are available in the pieces used to create the look of fine furniture.

Depending on the particular manufacturer the paint will likely have areas of "wear" showing through, they will be smoothly finished and the grain of the wood may show as well. These tables will create a warm cozy feeling where they are placed.

Sources for an Antique White Pedestal Table

There are many sources when shopping for an antique white pedestal table. Using a search engine and simply typing in antique white pedestal table will bring up hundreds of thousands of choices. Defining the selection further by adding accent or dining room to the search query will narrow it slightly, as does choosing a table shape. Antique white pedestal dining room tables may feature one or two pedestals, while a kitchen table will likely feature only one. Making this distinction while shopping will make the search easier. One advantage to shopping online is the ability to actually see photos of the various styles and sizes of tables. Local stores may also have catalogues allowing the shopper to choose from more than what is available on the showroom floor.

Styles of Antique White Pedestal Tables

There are a few uses of antique white pedestal tables available. They can be narrowed down to accent tables, dining and kitchen tables and side tables. These are then available in styles ranging from fine furnishing to cottage style. Decorative antique white pedestal tables are frequently used as side tables for sofas and chairs. These provide a durable finish for placing a cup of coffee or a magazine while reading. They may be simply or elaborately styled. Open fencelike pieces are the most casual and the look extends from that to finely detailed furniture show pieces.

Accent tables will often be created to be very ornate in appearance, with gold paint or leafing added. They may be hand carved and featuring leaves and feet. Some will include drawers and thick tops while others will be a simple flat top design. Accent antique white pedestal tables may be placed in front of a window to hold plants or used in a library area for selected magazines, books, and dictionaries. They are also often placed close to a door and used to hold fine art or everyday items such as gloves and keys. The table itself can often be considered a piece of art lending beauty to the room.

Antique white pedestal tables for the kitchen will create a warm cottage appeal. These tables are reminiscent of sitting at a grandmother's table chatting while creating a delicious meal. This is a large part of their appeal, the comfort of sitting around a comfortable table with family and friends. The pedestal base provides excellent support with ample leg room. Many of these kitchen tables are round and will fit easily into a smaller space or corner.

A dining room table creating using an antique white pedestal table will be a showpiece and will determine the look of the entire room in which it is placed. They will generally have two pedestals for support as well as being able to be extended with additional leaves. These tables may be ornate with carved feet decorated with gold accents. A farmhouse look is at the other end of the spectrum and will be clean and simple in design.