Although most people think of warehouses and work offices as being the best place to install anti fatigue mats, many folks are wise to put anti fatigue mats in their kitchen to make long hours of cooking and prep work much easier on their backs, knees and shins. Using anti fatigue mats in your kitchen is the perfect way to increase your working comfort, reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries and strains, and generally increase the overall quality of your working space for yourself and your employees. 

How Can Anti Fatigue Mats Enhance Your Kitchen?

Anti fatigue mats are large, specially padded non-slip surfaces that you lay down on the actual floor of your workspace. Instead of standing on a hard and ungiving metal, concrete or hardwood floor for multiple hours, you can sink comfortably into the giving material of your marble mats, cadillac floor mats or non-slip work mats and enjoy more effectiveness in your job. These specialty floor mats are ideal for small or large industrial and commercial kitchens for a few reasons. For one thing, kitchen workers are known to inhabit a stressful and fast-paced environment where there is little room for breaks. 

While rushing back and forth and straining over the various kitchen tasks, a chef or sous-chef is putting a great deal of wear and tear on delicate joints and cartilage. Over time, these repetitive stress injuries can result in chronic pain or conditions that mimic arthritis. You can avoid a lot of these unnecessary injuries by employing anti-fatigue mats in your kitchen. 

The other reason that these non-slip padded surfaces are so crucial to the success of a busy kitchen is that they reduce the likelihood of someone taking a nasty spill. Falling in a kitchen can mean burns, ruined food and poor service and a myriad of other injuries related to all the sharp implements in the area. Non-slip anti fatigue mats in your kitchen can reduce the likelihood of falls even when they have become wet. This is an invaluable feature that will help to protect you, your workers and your business. 

Which Kinds of Anti Fatigue Mats are Best For Kitchens?

There are several different kinds of these mats, but certain types are ideal for cooking operations. You can identify these by their large "O" or Octagonal shaped webbing. These are great for a kitchen environment because they offer superior protection against slipping, even if the entire floor is drenched. The large rubber rings allow your shoes to achieve superior traction and help to hold you in place as you move back and forth. However, these rubber webbing mats, also known as bubble-top rubber floor mats, are not the most comfortable of all non-fatigue mats. 

bubble top rubber anti fatigue floor mat

If comfort is your highest priority, go for cadillac floor mats, which are known to be some of the most comfortable anti-fatigue floor mats in the world. They are plushy, soft and cloud-like on your feet, back and joints and can make long hours in the kitchen feel much shorter. 

super comfortable cadillac anti fatigue floor mat