Bakugan Battle Brawlers are a toy that can contribute to your child's education at the same time as simply having fun playing a game. They are not designed as an educational toy as far as I can tell but just by playing the game, children need to call upon their powers of mental arithmetic as well as consider strategy and tactics. It is a game that is usually played between two players who fight using Bakugan balls which turn into Bakugan warriors. The object of the game is to be the first player to win 3 "gate cards". The game finishes when one player has won three gate cards. Then at this time the cards are returned to their original owners.

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At the start of play the two players (the game can actually be played with up to four players) choose three Bakugan warriors each, three gate cards each and three ability cards each. Then they each place one of their own gate cards on to the playing surface. The gate cards are metal which means that when the Bakugan balls roll over them they magnetically spring open to reveal a Bakugan warrior.

Play begins with the youngest player who rolls one of their balls towards a gate card. If it is of the right speed and line it will pop open ready for battle. Then it is the opponent's turn. For a battle to commence there has to be a Bakugan warrior from both sides open on the same gate card. Once this condition is met it is time to start fighting. Firstly the players need to check the G-Power score that is written on their Bakugan. The higher the better. Then the players have to turn over the gate card where their Bakugan warriors are standing. This will reveal bonus scores that can be added to their warrior's G Power rating. There are six different Bakugan worlds so the number that is added depends upon the warrior's home planet. Also on the gate card there may be special instructions. These can vary considerably. One example is that instead of the highest G Power rating winning, the Bakugan with the lowest power score wins the battle. On top of the gate cards are the ability cards. Players may choose to use an ability card to give their fighter an extra boost.

During the figthing, the children must use their brains to add various numbers together. This lets them study math without it feeling like they are doing so. If you buy Bakugan toys this is one way to have a positive impact on your child's education. Studying should be fun and Bakugan Battle Brawlers allows you to inject a great deal of fun into your son or daughter's learning. These are popular toys for kids in elementary school. As the balls are small, they pose a danger to really small kids.