Batman Complete Animated Series

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The Batman Animated Series Box set is best priced at amazon right now and its not something you can risk missing out on. Since its so in demand you shouldn't be surprised if you do see it sold out somewhere. The box set includes every single episode of the show which was ever made which is around 85 episodes and literally hours of TV gold! Just watching one episode of the batman animated series will help you realise this really has to be the best adaptation of the show. Considering this franchise is responsible for some of the biggest movies of all time including the Dark Knight that is quite some statement!

One main reason you need to buy Batman Complete Animated series dvd box set is because the episodes are hardly ever repeated on TV. Certainly I haven't found a channel showing them for years and I am constantly on the look out. Either way, the opportunity to simply watch these episodes at my own will is a great thing to have.

You might, or might not be, surprised to know that the average age of the people buying this set is all over the place! Ranging from young kids around 12 to grown men well into their late 40s. This is because it is so well written and animated that it does appeal to people of all ages. So don't feel like you might be too old to own the Batman complete animated series as no one is!

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