The silky mediterranean-blue shade of the aquamarine has a clarity that speaks of the depth of the ocean, thus earning its identity as the water of the sea stone. It has been carried or adorned as jewelry for hundreds of years by sailors as a protecting device and good luck charm.

Some Aquamarine History with Magical Meanings

The Greeks offered the aquamarine to their beloved Goddess of Love - Aphrodite.  It was believed to be a relationship gem at the time, reducing tensions and breeding faithfulness for a happier, more secure marriage.

Other properties and uses of aquamarine throughout time included promotion of forgiveness amongst friends, curing laziness, curing sore throats and to quiet down excessive flatulence.  Today, the aquamarine is best known as the birthstone of March and in addition related to the water sign of Pisces.  Aquamarine jewelry may also be given for the 19th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine Gift Suggestions

Because the aquamarine isn’t just associated with love and romance, aquamarine jewelry is an excellent choice for nearly any occasion and not just for those with birthdays March. In line with the water theme, an ideal gift for someone going on a cruise or residing near the ocean may be an aquamarine necklace or bracelet with a message stating its protective qualities.

As a birthstone jewelry piece, the choices are limitless since there are lots of lovely items of jewelry to be found which are both affordable and resilient.  Aquamarine rings, earrings or a pendent can show off a woman's blue eyes or complement a lighter colored wardrobe for a refreshing feel. The stone looks its best set in silver, although the deeper blue aquamarines do look eye-catching in a gold setting.

 The Best Way to Clean Aquamarine Jewelry

Caring for aquamarines isn’t hard as it's a fairly durable stone, although it's best to avoid excessive temperature changes like letting the piece sit in the sun. Sudden thermal changes can cause the stone to crack. Clean the stone occasionally with lukewarm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. A soft toothbrush can be utilized to carefully remove grime within the crevices. Rinse with clear warm water, and dry with a soft material or left to air dry.