Bedroom end tables are often referred to as nightstands or bedroom nightstands. They provide a convenient spot to place a light when reading as well as the book when finished. Family photos, alarm clocks, glasses of water, flashlights, eyeglasses and tissues are often placed on the top of these providing the essentials needed when waking in the middle of a night. Bedroom end tables provide a finishing touch to a set of furniture and may include drawers or a bottom shelf to place books, decorations and other items. These functional night stands are a great addition to any bedroom.

Construction of Bedroom End TablesBedroom End Tables

The construction of bedroom end tables has been created in styles to complement almost any bedroom set. Traditional bedroom sets will generally offer coordinating end tables to match the bed and dressers. They will have the same drawer pulls and finish as the rest of the furnishings. Simple styles made of a particle board and totally unfinished are available which may be covered with fabric to coordinate with the bedding and colors of the room. These are often pieces that fit together with no hardware and have even been produced of hard cardboard. Metal nightstands as well as unique ones created from plastic are available. Specialty ones for children including favorite themes are extremely popular. These may include durably constructed racecar sets and favorite cartoon characters as well as more traditional ones.

Styles of Bedroom End Tables

The styles of bedroom end tables that are available is amazing, including items that may be used for night stands but are not specifically designed for that purpose. Some funky modern styles include a large plastic cube and metal trays that resemble old fashioned TV trays. Dormitory style trunks which are stacked to create a bedroom end table is another fashionable alternative to the conventional style.

Conventionally the bedroom end table will have at least one drawer, with several more possible. They may have an open base or doors and pedestal bases are another option. They often have four legs which may vary in length or they may rest on the floor with a flat base.

Shopping for Bedroom End Tables

Shopping for bedroom end tables provides endless options. While they are often purchased in sets of two, the night stands will usually be sold individually. Choosing a style that complements the bedroom decor will be an easy and enjoyable task. An older traditional wood bed frame may no longer have coordinating end tables. Choosing ones to match or contrast with the set may even provide ideas for updating the existing bed and dressers with paint or a new finish. Steel bed frames are available in both contemporary and antique styles and often a more delicate style end table will complement these best. Modern beds will work well with some of the funky contemporary styles available.

A local furniture store as well as discount stores will offer the shopper an opportunity to choose from several styles of bedroom end tables. Bear in mind that other small tables can serve this purpose as well while shopping. Online sources provide thousands of selections to choose from including every conceivable style and building material. Unfinished bases are available that may be painted or stained to coordinate with existing furnishings.

Prices for Bedroom End Tables

Prices will vary for bedroom end tables depend upon what they are made from and the style. A functional night stand constructed of white plastic can be found for as little as 18 dollars with several wood pieces containing drawers will begin around 30 dollars apiece. A simple blond shaker style piece with four legs an open shelf and a lower door is available for 40 dollars at several online sites. This is one of the advantages of shopping online, the ability to pull up several sites that offer an identical piece of furniture to compare price and shipping costs. The finer pieces made from solid wood that coordinate with bedroom sets generally have a price range beginning at approximately 100 dollars and up.

Bedroom end tables allow for the ability to keep essentials organized at night. By being able to reach over and turn a light off and on rather than having to get up and stumble around in the dark they are particularly essential for children and the elderly. Having a place to set a pair of glasses so they can be found is a distinct advantage. They do not have to be large or expensive but they are almost a necessity.