Buy Your Designer Mattress Now and Pay For It Later-Deferred Billing Mattresses and Beds

 Need a merchant or catalog that you can "Buy Beds and Mattresses On Credit and Pay Later With No Credit Check?" There are several online and catalog merchants who do sell beds and mattresses on a "now pay later no credit check" basis.  These catalog merchants do things the old way and deal directly with the customers when arranging credit.  Most of the buy now pay later companies and websites do not do a credit check or have a relaxed credit standard. Thus, if you have bad credit, no credit or just like their merchandise and want to buy it, with their buy now pay later program, they make it easy.


So Who Will Allow Me To Buy Beds and Mattresses On Credit and Pay In Monthly Installments?

 Two of the best online and catalog merchants who deal in Buy now pay later beds and mattresses are Seventh Avenue, and Montgomery Ward.  Both have what is called a "Choose n' Charge" program that allows you to buy merchandise on credit and pay for it in monthly installments.  Once you have established good credit with either of these two companies, you will get offers from other catalogs and online merchants who sell beds, mattresses and other personal products and merchandise.


Can Using A Buy Now Pay Later Catalog or Online Merchant Help My Credit?

Yes, in a nutshell, it can help your credit. It can help you improve your credit if you need to correct past credit problems, it can help you establish credit if you are just starting out and you need to establish credit, much like credit cards designed for these two purposes (repairing and establish credit). On this flip side, it can ruin your credit if you take advantage of an opportunity to get merchandise with little or no credit check by not paying your bill.  So if you cannot afford to buy something, wait until the time is right before you order.  Also, have at least 3 months of payments set aside so if anything happens you will have money to pay your bill.  With buy now pay later catalogs, your credit limit increases each time you buy something and pay it back on time and according to the agreement.  You will also get other pre-approved credit offers in the mail.

Types Of Beds You Can Buy On Credit And Pay For It Later-Deferred Billing Beds (Choose 'n Charge)

3-Drawer Platform Storage Bed

3-Drawer Platform Storage BedCredit:


Platform beds are suitable for male, female or even children who no longer sleep with guard rails. With platform beds you can have a lot more room to store things you need without having your room cluttered with different types of furniture and containers. Create the look of simple elegance for just $30 per month on the Choose 'n Charge program from Montgomery Ward's buy now pay later catalog. You have the option of paying the platform bed off all at once or using the convenient monthly payment plan.  This bed does require assembly so you will have to plan for that.
Bed, Harbortown PlatformCredit:

When we think of sleek designed beds, the Harbortown platform bed from Montegomery Ward is the epitome of "sleek." This bed also has a "flex-deck support" so you do not need a box spring.  Although it looks like a bed from "The Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous," this Harbortown platform bed doesn't cost more than $450.00 and you can get it for $25 per month using Montgomery Ward's Choose 'n Charge buy now pay later catalog and website.


Espresso Trundle BedCredit:
Other than having an air bed or air mattress, having a trundle bed is a great way to have extra room for your guests.  This beautiful espresso pine trundle bed makes a great addition to any home.  It sleeps both adults and children so it's safe for both according to the manufacturer.  Your children will now have room for their friends on those inevitable sleepovers and slumber parties. This espresso pine trundle bed is only $30 monthly on the Choose 'n Charge option from a buy now pay later catalog.
Silverton Bed—Full or QueenCredit:
Sleep like royalty in this beautiful silver Silverton  classic sleigh bed.  Once considered to be a classic design, the sleigh bed has been given a Silverton modern makeover. You can go from drab to chic or even shabby chic with this Silverton bed and the right bedding set.  Choose 'n Charge this Silverton classic sleigh bed for only $30 per month using buy now pay later options.

Sonoma Bookcase HeadboardCredit:

At only $20 per month using Choose 'n Charge, you can get this contemporary bed with a bookcase headboard. Not like the cheap vinyl models they used to sell, this book case head board bed by Sonoma is make of real wood and finished beautifully.  With a Sonoma headboard bed, you can keep your books, glasses, clocks, medicine, or even drinking water right inside the bed headboard for easy access.



Types Of Mattresses You Can Buy On Credit And Pay For It Later-Deferred Billing Beds (Choose n' Charge)


Reversible MattressCredit:

This reversible mattress gives you full support with it's high-density foam core.  It is great for people with allergies, repels dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.  After unpacking this mattress upon arrival, it expands to a full 7 1/2 inch mattress that works great with your existing platform beds or box spring beds.  You can get this reversible, antimicrobial mattress for $25 per month on Choose n' Charge.


The Sleep Luxury MattressCredit:

If you want to feel like you are sleeping on clouds try The Sleep Luxury Mattress.  Just because mattresses are getting smaller doesn't mean they are less comfortable or less durable. Mattresses have come a long way and are evolving just like other areas of technology.  this Sleep Luxury Mattress is only 5 1/2 inches in thickness but offers extreme comfort while also being light weight enough to flip over and clean.  For only $25 per month with Choose 'n Charge, buy now pay later program, you can own this state of the art Sleep Luxury Mattress.


Mattress, Sky 12" Memory FoamCredit:

Now this is a unique mattress! Although it's not exactly a Sleep Number Bed, it gives you the option of choosing your "layer" of comfort.  You can add and remove layers from this mattress as you wish.  According to Montgomery Ward the features of this very modern design is as follows:
  • Removable 1" comfort memory foam quilted top panel covered with breathable cotton/polyester velour
  • 2" premium memory foam for ultra comfort
  • 2" super premium Airflow Pressure Relief Foam for breathability
  • 7" of Enso's foundation foam for optimum support and durability

You can be among the first to get this new type of layered mattress for only $35 per month on Montgomery Ward's Choose n' Charge, buy now pay later program.


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