A black end table is a small piece of furniture that can affect the entire look of your room. Traditionally placed at the end of a sofa or chair or next to a bed, the end table is both functional and pleasing to the eye. Even if you have a modern or antique decor choice, finding a complementing end table can be very simple to do. However, this small easy-to-find piece can have a dramatic change to a room. End tables come in a selection of colors; one of the common types is the black end table. If you're looking for a place to set your lamp or a great decorative item for between sofas, the end table is a great choice. After you chose the color for your end table, it's important to decide on the style, shape and size that would complement the room you have chosen to place it in.

Different Styles of Black End Tables

If you're looking for an end table choice that will supply you with diversity, a black end table is a good choice. Black will match with many materials and other colors, and will not clash with most patterns. Black end tables can be found in a style to meet your needs. Some come with simple contemporary shelves, while others come in a more chunky style with drawers. Some come with tapered legs for adding a touch of elegance to your room, while others have metal accents to brighten the room and make it look crisp and clean. Black end tables also come in a selection of shapes to suit your needs: round, square, rectangle and oblong.

What to Consider When Making your Purchase
There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing your black end table. One important factor is safety. If your home has a small child or pet, finding an end table with rounded corners and a solid top is highly recommended. If you plan to put liquids, cups, plant or food on your end tables, it is advisable to have a glass topped black end table. If the end table is going to be used for storage, it is advisable to consider how many drawers and/or shelves will be required to meet your needs. Size is also an important variable when making this purchase. Room size, shape, and the sizes of your existing furniture are factors you need to keep in mind when shopping.

Unlike many other pieces of furniture, an end table is very versatile. It has both a function and has a huge effect on the way the room looks. End tables are smaller, and lighter, hence easier to move around. This will allow a room to be re-arranged quickly and with little effort. Choosing a black end table can make your room look more contemporary or look more cozy and homey. An end table can be used for storage, as a plant stand, or a food and beverage holder. For its size, an end table is a very functional piece of furniture. If your home is regularly being changed around, buying a few smaller, lighter end tables could be a good choice for you instead of the heavier, larger coffee tables. Placing a few black end tables in the center of the room would make a coffee table, while still allowing you to have the versatility of end tables.

Another Option for End Tables: The Chair-side End Table
When looking for an end table to be placed near or between chairs, there is a special type of end table called a 'chair side table'. Traditionally these pieces of furniture are smaller than the end tables many people think of. This is so they don't look out of proportion when alongside the smaller chair. Some pieces are also longer than they are wide, suitably sat between or alongside a chair. These types of end tables still give you choices in materials, colors and styles. If you are finding it difficult to find an end table to fit in the space you're wanting, it will help to look for a chair side table as well.