Sofas come in a range of colors, but perhaps one color increasing in popularity these days is blue. Many people want a blue leather sofa for their home because it's trendy and sophisticated - no matter what shade you get it in. Whether it's modern or traditional, a blue leather sofa is sure to fit in with your living room décor.

What to Look For in a Blue Leather Sofa

When you're buying a sofa - or any large furniture for that matter - one of the most important thingsblue leather sofas to consider are the dimensions. First map out how you want your furniture placed in your room of choice. Measure the amount of space you have allotted to your sofa and take pictures of the room (unless you have a photographic memory). Take them with you when you go out shopping, along with a handy tape measurer to gauge the dimensions of any sofas you're interested in. Be sure to have a good look at your photos and envision the sofa there. Would it look good? Would it fit with any furniture you already own? Would it fit period? Ask yourself these questions.

Next, you'll want to look at price. Before you go out hunting for that couch, think about how much you want to spend. Are you willing to pay off your purchase over a period of time, or do you want to pay it all off in one go? Name your personal price and stick with it, even if you spot something that tempts you away from your price point. Don't deviate away from your plan. Buy only what you think you can afford to. If need be, don't even look at couches you know are out of your price range. Out of sight, out of mind.

Sofas to Save Up For

The following sofas aren't cheap, but their style and decadence are worth every pretty penny you'll spend, especially if you're making the sitting area of your living room the main attraction. Here are some of my favorite higher-end blue leather sofas.


Sapphire Leather Sofa
Horchow is one home wear site I check regularly. You just can't beat the lavish furniture and décor they have for sale there. This couch is one of them. It's called the Sapphire Leather Sofa, and as the name suggests, it comes in a rich blue color. A perfect addition to your home or office.

Summerton Sofa
Also available at Horchow, the Summerton Sofa is a deep ocean-blue masterpiece. The feet are hand finished with mahogany stain, the leather is top-grain, and it's embellished with pewter nailhead trim. Pair this sofa with rich wood side tables and monochromatic décor and you'll never want to leave your living room.

Williams Sonoma Home:

Light Blue Bedford Leather Sofa
Here's another tempting sofa - this time in a pale, light shade. Spacious and comfy, the Bedford Sofa is handcrafted from the finest materials; you will want to save it as a family heirloom. Generations to come are sure to appreciate the lush cushions, soft color, and rolling legs.

Beverly Sofa
The Beverly Sofa will add classic glam to any room in your home, while also providing ultimate comfort. This button-tufted couch has a smooth, beautiful curve and sturdy feet, adding rich dimension wherever you decide to place it. Toss some plush cushions and a cashmere throw on top to complete the look of undeniable, sultry style.

Neiman Marcus:

Raza Pressley Sofa
Another subdued light blue color, this Old Hickory Tannery couch is pure elegance. It's the absolute perfect blend of contemporary and classic - the cushions are tufted, the leather is distressed, the frame is finished in dark cherry, and the couch itself comes in a delightfully curved shape, adding modern appeal. As a bonus, it's made in the United States - perfect for U.S. buyers conscious of their purchases.

No matter what blue leather sofa you decide to settle down with, it's sure to grab the spotlight and several compliments from your house guests.