Buy Cam Buckles to Secure Heavy Straps

Cam buckles are specialty fasteners that interface with heavy duty straps to tighten them around loads and surfaces. Cam buckles are made from heavy duty steel, nickel plated zinc or iron and have one-direction ratcheting capabilities that allow you to pull a strap tightly through them in one direction and then release it so the cam buckles can secure the strap in place. These specialty fasteners are most commonly used when palletizing large freight shipments or securing oversized loads onto the beds of pick-up trucks or large flatbed moving trucks. Good cam buckles are an important investment if you or your company are going to be moving a lot of heavy duty or oversized equipment or goods continuously. You should never neglect to obtain high quality cam buckles, because cheaping out on these essential fasteners could spell disaster in the case of a failure. Imagine driving a flatbed truck at 60 miles per hour when your rear cam buckles burst and send your oversized and expensive cargo sailing off the back end of your truck onto the highway or nearby motorists.

Getting Your Hands on High Quality Cam Buckles

Because the importance of obtaining and maintaining your high quality cam buckles cannot be overstated, it's equally important to understand what makes for good cam buckles and how to use them properly. For one thing, you never want to exceed the load limit that your cam buckles specify on their packaging. When you are selecting cam buckles to purchase, pay close attention to the written load limit on the front or rear of the packaging. If your cam buckles are capable of maintaining a 2,500 lb load in place, never attempt to overload them with a package or load that is any heavier than that.

The other important thing you want to look for when selecting cam buckles to buy is side walls on the buckle housing. These side walls are small metal extensions that help to keep the release level in place. This makes accidental release due to bumping or snagging the release lever on your finger or some nearby piece of equipment less like, and increases the overall safety and reliability of your cam buckles. Therefore, you always want to check and ensure that the cam buckles you are considering buying feature sturdy side walls.

The next important thing to check and consider when buying new cam buckles is the "breaking strength" of each buckle. Decent cam buckles will have breaking strengths of about 3 times their normal load limit. This means that they will almost surely snap when overstrained by a strong jolt when carrying an oversized or heavy load that exceeds three times their normal rated load limit. You want to avoid buying any cam buckles that feature a very low breaking strength, because certain physical events like swerving, quick emergency stopping or loose and flying debris could destroy cam buckles, even when they are only carrying their rated load limit. Yikes!