Casadei 3504

You can find all Casadei Shoes and the Casadei 3504 Pumps on sale for low prices. There is no need to have to find a Casadei outlet either offline or online when you know just where to shop! I am going to let you know just where to get these beautiful shoes for the lowest possible online price and also offer you feedback so you know just what other women are saying about them!

Casadei shoes are extremely popular and women all over the world are desiring a pair. Casadei is most well known for its style, luxury and delicate craftsmanship. They have been making high end designer shoes for women since they first launched in Italy in 1958. Quinto Casadei was an instant hit with Italian women and the distinct style of shoes grew very popular with high end clientele. In general Casadei Shoes are known as being fashion forwarded and exuding self confidence.

The Casadei 3504 platform pumps come in a whole range of colours. This includes atoll, lemon, mint, mauve, violet, mosto and ecru. Each colour looks simply lovely, with the Atoll and Violet ones being the most popular. It all depends on your personal taste though, and in particular if you have a dress already lined up to where with these.

These are made in Italy for that vintage feel. They are made from satin with a leather sole. The heel is about 5 and a quarter inch with the platform being 1 and 3 quarter inches. This makes them really substantial and will really compliment your legs, helping them looking strong and toned. Casadei high heels really are superb.

You can look beautiful in these in either a cocktail dress or a sharply cut suit. This could be for the strong minded business woman, or for looking extra sharp at a party. The feedback from women who bought these shoes has been very good also with many women saying just how comfortable they are and also that many other women were constantly complimenting them.

You really can not go wrong when wearing Casadei. The only worry for some people is the exceptionally high price, however that is what you should expect when buying high quality designer shoes. There are some good alternatives that you might be interested in such as Sam Edelman Shoes or even the Giuseppe Zanotti womens shoes which are really popular.

Remember by buying online you will be saving so much money!