Chic and Antique

If you're interested in a dining room with the cachet that a Chippendale or a Hepplewhite can lend a room, you've a myriad of options with antique dining room furniture. Your major pieces would include an antique dining table and chairs, side tables, china cabinets, buffet tables, and serving trolleys. Antique china, stemware and flatware can complete the look, but you can choose reproductions as well.

What statement do you want your decor to make? Start with what the room calls out for. For example, if there is wood wainscoting or other design feature that you wish to keep, you will need to match or coordinate with the color and style of the features present in the room. It's much easier to get furniture to suit the room than the other way round. You call the shots here - not the furniture you choose. The furniture needs to meet your needs, rather than trying to plan decor around the pieces you have.

Do you see yourself in a French Provincial chateau, or a Regency manor, or even back in the Ming Dynasty? No matter what period you have in mind, there will be pieces that can help you achieve your vision. And no need to make your home seem unapproachable- antique dining room furniture is being used in new ways, making it easier to achieve a variety of looks that exude a confident, approachable elegance.

Price Ranges for Antique Looks

Be aware that antique dining room furniture is not a cheap proposition. That said, if you opt for reproductions over genuine items, you can save a great deal over buying the real McCoy. If you finally decide upon genuine antique pieces, get several estimates well in advance, to ensure that you can get what you need within budget when you begin selecting and purchasing items to furnish and decorate your home. It's extremely important to seek out a well-known antiques dealer in your area if you are going to invest in genuine antiques. Even the experts can be fooled sometimes, so good dealers are extremely careful and guarantee their items. Still, get the items examined by an additional expert to ensure that the items are what they are being presented as.

Learn something about the style and general history of the furniture you are considering for purchase. This will alert you to possible forgeries and will help you consider alternate pieces. Professional appraisal will come at an extra cost, but it investing in a genuine antique would pay off.

Genuine Antiques

Being taken in by forgeries is a risk of purchasing antiques, even for the experienced antiques buyer. Ascertaining the provenance of an item is part and parcel of buying such works of art, and needs to be done with every major purchase. Do consider attending auctions of vintage and antique dining room furniture held by reputable auction houses. This can be an excellent way to obtain antique dining room furniture at reasonable prices for the budding enthusiast.

You now have the tools you need to get the dining room furniture that will enhance the look of your home. Antique dining room furniture, and even some of the fine reproductions, however, is a much more significant investment than conventional furniture. These are not cheap, disposable dorm room furnishings. Antique dining room furniture is an investment in an heirloom and a work of art, and you need to be prepared to pay accordingly.

Online stores are another source of simply exquisite antique dining room furniture. They are open twenty-four hours a day, and you can view items in the privacy of your home before making a visit to ascertain the quality of the items of your choice. Your visit can also be a great time to look at Victorian and modern items that could also be valuable and lovely additions to your home.

When it comes to antique dining room furnishings, there are so many beautiful and striking objects to choose from. A keen eye and a careful search for the real McCoy will yield good deals and smart investments. What are you waiting for? Get started on an adventure that ends with a beautiful home that your family would enjoy for generations.