Aromatherapy Body Oil - Cheap Scents and Fragrances on Sale

The wonders of aromatherapy body oil never cease to satiate the hunger of the senses. Aromatherapy body oil is essentially made up of the pure essence of organic materials depending on manufacture details. The most commonly used oils are those from herbal plants containing beneficial properties. In addition to the benefits of aromatherapy they present, the medicinal properties they have make aromatherapy body oils hot commodities. They elevate the well-being of users and add a little spice and color to people's lives.


There are different aromatherapy body oils according to use. There are those labeled as 'cellulite body oil', which claim to remove cellulite or skin dimpling. There are those labeled for energy, relaxation, joint mobility, muscle ease, sports and stress among others. The oils may include a variation of blends like lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, marjoram, rosemary, spearmint chamomile, neroli, geranium, silver fir, cypress and all other herbs/spices you can think of combining. Apart from the fact that these herbs are sweet-smelling, Mother Nature has blessed them to become natural healers of our world. Thus, it is no shock that their purest forms are used in aromatherapy body oil.


As a form of alternate medicine, aromatherapy uses volatile plant matter or essential oils for changing a person's mood, health and cognitive function. Used for aromatherapy, the body oils' pleasing scents are able to alleviate anxiety, lessen depression, battle stress, promote healing and give a sense of relaxation. Aromatherapy is also known to clear the mind, allowing loads of good energy to flow through the body as well as the soul. There is currently lacking evidence to support the aromatherapy claims but the study is of staggering potential. Scientific research on both its cause and effect are limited but it is revealed through in vitro testing that aromatherapy has antiviral and antibacterial effects

Body oil

There are Aromatherapy 'bath' body oils which are used to improve the daily routine of bathing. Through them, bathing becomes a special time of the day. Bath body oils take their toll on skin care too. Though they are often stereotyped for being greasy, aromatherapy body oils are known to prevent dry skin by locking in moisture ten times greater than that of body lotion - making them a better moisturizer. The oils are also advantageous for relieving itchiness caused by eczema, psoriasis and other dry and scaly skin conditions. Body Oils have the ability to soothe sunburns. Aromatherapy body oils containing almond oil have an anti-erythematous action which reduces peeling and inflammation. Apricot kernel body oil is also very good for those having dry and sensitive skin. Aromatherapy body oils are also widely used in massages. Their invigorating smell plus the touch of the massage therapist is one sensual combination that makes the experience very worthwhile.

Aromatherapy body oils can be found at health shops. The oils have different range of prices depending on the herb/ingredient used to make them. Here's a warning to those who have plans of buying, some entrepreneurs sell adulterated or diluted oils. It is advised to verify the source of the product first. To those interested, it is also possible to make your very own aromatherapy body oil by making use of natural ingredients from any health food stores. This makes oils fresh when you use them. There are available steps on how to make them as found in the internet.

Caution in the use of Aromatherapy body oil

When using aromatherapy body oils it is important to take into mind that essential oils are highly concentrated and may cause irritation to skin and some allergic tendencies. It is also to be noted that some oils can be toxic to some domestic animals such as pet cats and dogs although some also support the ingestion of these oils for therapeutic reasons. Self-prescription is not advised because of high toxicity of essential oils. Contact a licensed aromatherapy expert or doctor before any intake of body oil. Pregnant women are also advised not to use such products while they are nursing their offspring. Last, aromatherapy body oils should be kept out of reach from children.


Aromatherapy body oils, like all things that are relatively new, should be given recognition for the innovation and ingenuity of utilizing natural products. The tests manufacturers have gone through for mass production and their share of effort in uplifting our lifestyle is something palpable for the wonderful uses of aromatherapy. The use of aromatherapy body oil is a simple and quick way to reduce life's little stressors. One should definitely venture with their use.