Cheap Bowling Shoes: Cheap Is Not The Absence Of Quality

The very term 'cheap bowling shoes' conjures up images of hanging soles and torn tongues with cheap rubber foam peeking out from under cheaper fabric lining. But that's nowhere near the truth. In today's quality and cost-conscious market, manufacturers are pushed to the limits to provide great products at affordable prices. It seems that they've done the job really well, judging from the quality of great bowling shoes they put up in stores at very reasonable prices. You might just be surprised at who the players are in this 'price-less' game.


True to their beliefs, Dexter, the No. 1 brand of bowling shoes has come up with some of the most cost-effective high-quality cheap bowling shoes. If you thought that you'd have to pay through the nose to get a decent pair of Dexter bowling shoes, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the prospect of having to pay less than $25 for a pair that performs like a pro. Saber, one of Dexter Bowling's popular footwear products, is probably one of the cheapest bowling shoes you will find in the market today; and not at the cost of quality either. These low end shoes have all the standard trimmings that make Dexter a great company to buy from. The padded borders, the slide soles, the man-made uppers and the simple yet attractive designs – all of them amalgamate extremely well to give you the smoothest run up to the lane you've ever experienced. And at these prices, there's not much of a chance that you'll have cause for complaint either.


Linds is known the world over for its commitment to quality, durability and style; and they definitely haven't dropped the ball with their Wedge model, probably the best in class of cheap bowling shoes. At $30, these Nubuck-leather-bound foot-pampering toe tamers look elegant, tough and functional all at the same time – a hard act to follow. The special wedge-shaped soles with cushioned urethane that give this shoe its name are designed for maximum stability so that your mind is on the game and off your feet at all times – unless you keep looking down every two or three minutes to admire them and foot-pose. They're designed to strategically distract the opponent, allowing you to win by a hair or a spare, whichever is easier. Of course, that is very likely a serendipitous achievement on their part and a libelous assumption on mine. Still, there's no denying the fact that they do look as good as they feel.


The amazing Men's Roller Black bowling shoes are part of a nobler lineage of cheap bowling shoes up for sale in today's online stores. These stunners are designed to meld with the night and provide a somber contrast to the evening's fun and frolic. Guaranteed to be spotted from at least 6 lanes away, these all-black uppers are soft but durable and are sure to accompany you on many winning nights to come. Not only that, you can surprise your friend by bowling left and right handed with the same 'slidability' because they're loaded on both soles. At under $30, these cheap bowling shoes will neither break your stride nor your wallet.


Basics from BSI provide the best of bowling experience and more. With extra padding and EVA soles, you can say goodbye to aching ankles forever while your spine sings a loud chorus of Halleluiahs all night. The fabric-soft inner lining will keep your feet firmly planted on dry extra-plush insoles. With all these features, they retail at under $27, an amazing 'feet' in itself.

Of course there are other super-brands that also retail around the same low-cost neighborhood, but somebody's got to put an end to corny-clever paragraph headings.