If you are storing a car, then you are most likely going to want to cover it with something more than a few old sheets. But you don't want to spend too much right? So, what are the best yet cheap car covers that you can get to protect your car?

In order to get the best car covers for your car, you need to decide what type of coverage you are looking for.

If your car is to be stored in a building, and you are just looking for protection from dust, and anything else that may get on it, such as bird droppings (especially true if you are storing your car in a barn or older building) then you don't need as strong a cover. You just basically are looking for a dust cover or cheap car cover.

If your car is to be stored outside, and you live in a milder climate, then you are going to need cheap car covers for mostly rain and maybe wind, so you will need to look for something to protect your car from constant rain and you are going to want to make sure it fits well enough to protect from the wind as well as the rain.

If your car is being stored outside, in all kinds of nasty weather, from snow to ice and then the hot sun, you are going to need decent car covers that are going to protect your car from all of these elements. You may need to pay more for these thicker and tougher car covers.car covers

Once you have decided just how it is, you are going to store your car, then you can go shopping for cheap car covers. Cheap meaning, getting the best price you possibly can. Classic Accessories 71132 PolyPro Tan Car Cover, Mid Size (pictured)

You can start by researching the type of car you own. Many dealerships will sell car covers for your particular model of car. They will sell them for all kinds of weather too, so if you are considering storing your car in the nasty weather, then you may want to consider getting your car covers at your local dealership. It will be worth the investment, as they are designed to fit your car exactly, and if installed properly, they should stay on no matter what the weather.

If you don't need such heavy protection, and you don't want to pay a lot of money, then you can get cheap car covers that fit general sizes of cars, or sometimes that style of car, or it may name the cars in general such as GM, Ford, Honda etc or mid size to large size.. These may need some extra fitting, by you if you don't want anything to blow off.

You can also get cheap car covers on line, at places such as Amazon and Car sites. Amazon carries all kinds of cheap car covers, as well as higher end covers for the nastier weather. You just need to decide which type of cover you need. Many of these car covers come with adjustable grommets and tie downs to make the car cover fit your car properly.

Some even have locks to deter anyone from trying to take the car cover off. There is a lot of choice out there for car covers. It is a matter of getting the right one for your needs. But check online for more variety and good prices. Amazon has many pages of car covers to choose from. If you don't want to pay a lot of money for a custom fitted car cover, then check out the cheaper car covers online at Amazon and see if they are an affordable way to cover your car and protect your investment.

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