Cheap Draft Horse Saddles: Knowing Draft Horses

Draft horses are the workhorses of the equine world. They are typically used for heavy tasks such as plowing and other hard farm work. They are also sometimes used as show horses, or as load-pulling creatures on logging camps. Even though there are various breeds of draft horses, they do share some traits: they are docile, patient, and immensely strong. In fact, if not for them, pre-industrial farms would have had a very tough time keeping up with the amount of heavy work throughout the year. A typical draft horse is bigger than its counterparts that are used for riding, and can be up to 19 hands high and weigh close to a ton. Consistent cross-breeding has now given birth to new waves of these gentle giants, and meticulous stud books are often maintained for hybrids as well as pure breeds to either enhance performance or protect stock integrity.

Draft Horse Saddles: Types Of Draft Horse Saddles

Draft horses are also used for jumping, dressage and endurance, and for this purpose, special larger-sized saddles have been designed for them. Draft horse saddles are available easily for nearly all breeds and conformations of horses, as well as in different styles, English, Western and Australian being the most widely used. Each style has its own unique family of designs that differ from other styles. If you're looking to buy a draft horse saddle, then a high-level look at some of the models available might be a good idea.

English Draft Horse Saddles: Tally Ho

Dressage saddles are essential if you want your horse to look its best when performing at its best. These saddles are usually of the English style and are showy. They aren't all that expensive considering their purpose; you can get a dressage draft horse saddle brand new for about $300. Other English saddles are usually of the same size and similar design: some of them are the military draft horse patrol saddle, the endurance saddle, and generic draft horse riding saddle.

Western Draft Horse Saddles: Giddy Up

Texas is probably the best place to buy Western draft horse saddles. The Western style saddles are usually made from premium, ultra-thick, heavy-weight leather, and can weigh up to 40 lbs. The frames and skirts are normally built to oversize dimensions to make them look adequate for such large horses. Several of these types are hand-crafted and sold individually through stores or online. It is not unusual to have to pay $700 or more for one of these saddles, although the pricing is more connected with the way its made that its size.

Other Draft Horse Saddles: Other Languages

Draft horse saddles are available in nearly all cultures where these big horses were used for riding. These are all variations of the same basic design – to hold a rider in place on a very big animal. Though some types of draft horse saddles may not be in circulation, you're bound to see them in transportation museums across the world.