Cheap Gym Equipment: Who Moved My Dumbells?

Finding the best cheap gym equipment should not be about compromising quality or safety; it should be about being able to identify and eliminate bells and whistles, and trimmings that only add to the cost of a piece of equipment without any kind of value being added to it. There are a lot of reputed manufacturers out there that have basic equipment at very cheap prices – the problem is, they're not usually advertised on the home page of their website. Obviously, there's a great amount of commercial consideration behind that decision – lower ticket items usually get pushed to the back shelves, and for an online store, that means a barely visible link to the product that makes you go past all the expensive stuff.

Cheap Gym Equipment: Satisfying Your Safety Needs

A major factor for your consideration when purchasing cheap gym equipment is the safety one. Never buy gym equipment that's not been completely tested and certified fit. A lot of sources are available today that claim to have 'assembled' equipment that's 'as good as Schwinn' or 'just like Reebok'. Steer clear of these deals, as they will only cost you heavily in the long run. It's better to pay a few extra bucks for genuine goods than having to cry later for a bad decision made in the spur of the moment. Even if it's a branded piece of equipment, have it assessed by a professional gym instructor or service technician to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are in place. It's just not worth the price of your health to compromise on safety.

Tracking And Tracing Cheap Gym Equipment

Sourcing cheap gym equipment is probably the easiest step. The internet can be a very useful tool in sniffing out the best deals, whether it is on eBay, or on manufacturers' websites. Ad alert software can also clue you in on a daily basis; just punch in the relevant keywords, and watch your inbox fill up with alerts about cheap gym equipment in your part of town. Not many people are aware of the potential of ad alert software applications; they're a perfect way of being everywhere at the same time - virtually. However, as always, make sure that whatever you're buying is genuine and comes with in-home warranties that are easy to understand, and fair to you. Some guaranties are so loaded with fine print that by the time you're done reading everything, you're too tired to exercise anyway.

DIY Cheap Gym Equipment

There are some great dealers of cheap gym equipment who will provide all the warranties and accessories at the prices you expect. But if you want to be creative, there are ways to make your own equipment at home; after all, your body doesn't know the difference between original Reebok and a sand-filled sock. You can make great home weights with soup cans and tennis ball cans, and even books in a duffel bag. Make sure that the grip is good for your hands and there aren't any sharp projections that could injure you.

Cheap Gym Equipment: There Are Other Options

Classifieds are a great place to look when you want to buy cheap gym equipment. Americans love to buy exercise equipment and put it in a corner where they hope it will magically dissolve those excess pounds before the 20-year high school reunion. Fortunately for you, these are often on sale. Being unused, they're practically new although they may be out of warranty. Other great places are garage and yard sales. Same thing as the classifieds, but you get to see what state the equipment is in before you buy. If you're after smaller equipment, retail chains will also usually have some specials on dumbbells, weights, exercise balls and stuff like that. So no matter what your budget, you should be able to find a good place to pick up cheap gym equipment.