Cheap Horse Tack: 'Tack'-tics For Finding Good Buys

Cheap horse tack need not necessarily mean sub-standard, poor quality equipment. There are plenty of resources out there for you to find affordable tack of reasonable quality. However, buy only from reliable stores, or online stores that have been around for at least a few years – you don't want to be taken for a ride even before you can tack up your horse properly.

Cheap Horse Tack: Reliable Online Resources

The internet can be a great resource for genuine stores that are trying to do an honest day's worth of business, but unfortunately it is also home to the unscrupulous and outright fraudulent. A little bit of time spent reading site reviews and customer feedback should put you on the right track, or in this case, lead you to the right tack. There are great stores with excellent reputations such as Shilohtack dot com, which is a family owned business that's about 23 years old. Their web portal gives you access to lots of great tack at very reasonable prices. Besides, they know and love horses, and would never knowingly palm off equipment that could hurt you or your horse. Another great resource is Tackwholesale dot come, a professionally run horse tack wholesale dealer with no minimum purchase amount required, making it a perfect place for those fantastic deals you can brag to your buddies about.

Varieties Of Cheap Horse Tack

English horse tack usually doesn't come cheap in America; however, there may be exceptions to this generalization. English tack is usually essential for certain horse-riding technique, or if you're a member of a hunting club – traditions vary greatly from place to place so be sure to find out what you need before you invest any money on tack that may not be required, or is of the wrong kind. That being said, you can still 'seek and find' good deals on English tack no matter where you live – you might just need to be more patient and keen-eyed. English saddles, for example are in the price band of $300 to $500, as opposed to Western saddles, that can be bought for under $200. Some items are quite economical, with good brow-bands available at around $20 to $35. Depending on your requirement, you can either opt for cheap horse tack of the English variety or go for more home-grown brands.

Western tack is usually very reasonably priced, depending on what type it is. Saddles and girths can be bought for about $200 or even less if you know where to go. A complete bridle set with bit, reins, curb and strap will retail for about $40 as compared to the $60 average for English bridles without any of the accessories. Halters and tie-downs are very economical, somewhere in the $10 to $15 band. Headstalls are also available at cheap horse tack stores online for about $30.

Australian tack is sometimes used as well, but rarely outside the continent. However, among cattle breeders in the huge ranches all over Australia, these are the essentials you will find on any horse: ridden, transport or draught. Cheap horse tack of the Australian style is often priced very close to Western tack, with saddles, bridles, halters and other equipment available at comparable prices. There will be some variation in the design, but the basic concept and usage will tend to be the same.

Some Pointers For Buying Cheap Horse Tack

When buying cheap horse tack at a tack shop be sure to check all the fixtures, fastenings and joints for signs of weakness; if it can't stand up to normal testing then there's no way it would support you or your horse during regular usage. Don't be afraid to tug and pull to find any possibility of weak seams or poor workmanship. Often, good equipment, even if cheap, should last you at least a year – any less and you're probably going to have to shop elsewhere for your replacements. You can also get some good deals on websites that use Paypal for safe purchases. You'll need to verify that the goods are in proper condition before you accept delivery so that affords you an amount of security for your money. Be careful, and you'll never regret buying cheap horse tack.