Ladies Bowling Shoes: The Prudent Penny

A great pair of ladies bowling shoes doesn't have to cost the earth. If you're a casual holiday bowler or a weekend bowling with the gals kind of person, then you don't have to invest a lot of money on decent bowling shoes. Here are a few shoes that you can buy for under $50 that will serve the purpose. Even some professionals prefer these brands because of the high quality they bring to the lanes.

Dexter Ladies Bowling Shoes

Dexter ladies bowling shoes are very popular in this price range. Dexter bowling has over 50 years of experience and every piece of footwear is created to the highest standards of comfort and safety, not to mention economy. With innovations such as the interchangeable heels and soles, and the new traction soles, everything has been designed with your game in mind. If you're going to hit the lanes wearing a Dexter, then you can be sure you're in good company – about 65% of pro bowlers opt for Dexter. That's about a great compliment as any. Their Raquel III comes in a trendy design as well as all of the standard trimmings: hand-made uppers that are soft, yet durable, fabric-lined interior for that soft feel, toe bumpers for protection from toe drag and non-marking soles that are absolutely essential if you don't want to be sent off the lanes for inappropriate footwear. In fact, if you have about $25 to $30, you could get one online today. Dexter Bowling offers a wide range of ladies bowling shoes to pick from, so take your time and get what looks and feels right for you. And if you don't like knots, you can even opt for the V-Strap, a Velcro-fastening model that doesn't take anything away from that snug fit of perfect bowling shoes.

Brunswick Ladies Bowling Shoes

Brunswick, a name to reckon with in the bowling domain, has its own flavor of ladies bowling shoes. Their shoes are designed specifically to get your mind off your feet and on the game ahead of you. Carrying all the trademarks of a good bowling shoe, Brunswick bends over backwards to make your feet feel pampered. The full fabric lining and the padded tongue and collar are so comfortable that you may not even want to sit down in between frames! Man-made uppers that are extremely durable, yet soft, come in a variety of patterns, such as the Cleo, a chic pair of stompers that will have you at your game-best all night. Available in standard 8.5 and 9.5, these foot cushions will have your feet walking on air. Weighing in at 13 oz, they won't even feel like shoes – the experience is guaranteed to thrill, as is the price; at $23.40, you won't believe that you're walking on shoes that cost less than refreshments on bowling night.

Etonic Ladies Bowling Shoes

Etonic ladies bowling shoes are sure to be another great buy. With Etonic's Perfect Slide technology under the bonnet, they are designed to give you a much more controlled slide; long, yet measured. To give you a perfect fit, they've added elastic tongue straps that literally hug your feet and don't let go until you take off your shoes at the end of the night with a sigh of regret. The Etonic features several stylish designs that are sure to set the night on fire; bold but subtle, these designs will give you the most uniquely clad feet at the lanes. And with a size range from 6 to 11, you don't have to worry about not finding the right size either. The price tag of $34.95 won't leave you strapped for cash, and with the quality and comfort they provide, you won't regret a single penny of it.