If you want to do lamination at home, it can be a good thing to look into cheap a. You have a lot of choice in machines.Of course this depends on what type of job you are going to do. To make the most sophisticated choice possible, here are some tips.

Cheap Laminator Types

Pouch Laminators

In a home office you are most likely to find a pouch machine. This machine can laminate everything from a small ID card to a big 17" sheet. You place the object between the sheets and it will roll through the machine. The machine heats the laminate and it will adhere the film to the object.

These machines are by far the most easiest of all to use and when you are just starting out laminating this is a great machine. These are also the best when you are looking to buy a cheap laminator, as it is the cheapest.

Roll Laminators

Roll Laminators are different machines. They are way bigger and therefore, they can laminate bigger objects, till eighty inches wide. Roll laminators use rolls of laminate. The machine presses the two rollers to each other with the laminate between it. These rolls will adhere the glue to the object.

There are both hot and cold roll machines. The hot machines will heat the rollers where the cold machines only use cold film.

Liquid Laminators

The newer types of cheap laminators are liquid machines. There are not used that much, but if used they are used on digital, wide format machines. The machines use gravity or a pump driven system. The paper is pulled true and the liquid laminate is put on the object. The machine has a built-in drying system where the laminate is dried on. After application it should dry a little more before being used.

Being new in lamination this is a bad option as it takes some experience.

Choosing to Buy Cheap Laminator

There are a couple of factors which determine which cheap laminator you should use:

  • Size of the object you try to laminate. Smaller means pouch laminator, bigger you may start with a roll laminator.
  • Amount of work you try to laminate. A pouch machine is good for the occasional laminated object. Going to use it often? You want to look into a (more expensive, but faster) roll machine.

Where to Buy a Cheap Laminator

If you are looking to buy a cheap laminator, the first go-to is, of course, the internet. There are tons of deals online available to get a discount on expensive machines.

Wanting to see the machine beforehand? You will have to visit a local shop. Business malls have laminators always in stock, there may be some malls who will run the occasional action maybe.

It is important to know your needs before you are buying discounted laminators. With this price ticket to a machine, you should dive into it and do your research. Compare prices, compare equipment. Make a sophisticated choice when you buy a cheap laminator!