Organic Lavender Oil on Sale - Buy Cheap Aromatherapy Essential Oils

There is nothing but a great experience when one experiences aromatherapy after a day full of walking and working. The feeling of rejuvenation that comes at every massage or dip in a tub scented with organic lavender oil and with petals floating is an ideal image of a person under therapy. The body transfers to a stage of peace and serenity, the physical toll suddenly disappears and refreshes.

When one speaks of aromatherapy, he never fails to utter the word 'lavender'. It is a longtime favorite in the aromatherapy world; its sweet scent makes it a historical legend. It has been applied to Roman baths, and maybe the emperor's as well. It continues to be an integral perfume component with a lot of scents and oils bearing its fragrance.


We cannot fully appreciate the wonders of organic lavender oil without recognizing the plant first. Lavender is a shrub indigenous to the Mediterranean, home of coastal mountains, temperate climate and rocky soil – ideal conditions for the plant to survive. Other species of this plant is found in North Africa and India as well. It has long, narrow leaves and flowers arranged in spirals the jut above the foliage.

Extraction of organic lavender oils is made possible by distillation of the flower spikes. There are two separate solutions: lavender flower oil and lavender spike oil. Lavender flower oil is both odorless and colorless; lavender spike oil is the denser essence of the two. Both of these oils are extensively used in perfumery. France is the top producer of this plant.

Lavender and medicine

Organic lavender oil is a notable cure for insomnia and reduces anxiety. The scent calms the restless mind, sooths it to the point of relaxation. It refreshes the mind so that it can continue to do its work. Insomniacs use lavender oil so that their sleep patterns correct themselves better. It does well against headaches, too. Farmers use it to relieve headaches caused by prolonged exposure under the sun while working in the fields, thus avoiding heat stroke. It can stop a migraine from happening if timed correctly at the onset.

Aside from its role as natural depressant, organic lavender oil also cures respiratory problems like colds, flu, throat infections and the like. It stimulates hair growth and is a pretty effective pain reliever as well. Its versatility among the different aspects of human physiology makes it ever-present in the confines of herbal medicine; it is almost always present in botanical gardens.

Organic lavender oil, in a study, was said to have a pro-estrogen effect on human bodies. It is linked with gynecomastia, or abnormal breast development, in boys and early breast growth in prepubescent girls. At that age, the bodies are still sensitive to sex hormones that any sudden increase in the number of those can affect the development of the body, even in a small scale.

It is also not advised for use by pregnant and lactating women.

Aromatherapy and other uses

Another thing about lavender oil is its versatility of being in combination with other organic essential oils. It is generally mixed with cedarwood, pine and nutmeg; the differing aromas make for varying moods and stages of rest. Many aroma therapeutic preparations include organic lavender oil as an ingredient. Alongside its scent, its ability to be simultaneously of a cure against ailments and its sedative-like effect of relaxation makes it well-known in the world of aromatherapy; it is used so much in therapy that it is somewhat generic, yet its aroma endears it to people.

In pollination, most insects are attracted by the flowers of the plant except for ants. This exclusion makes lavender oil as an organic insect repellant against domestic pests. It is usually applied near the opening of anthills so that the ant colony won't expand to neighboring locations. The oil is also a good flea repellant for dogs; a small amount at the collar is enough to ward off fleas. An application of lavender oil reduces the painful sensation of bee and/or wasp stings and alleviates swelling off the affected area.

Go organic!

There are a lot of synthetic and supposedly 'pure' lavender oils available alongside the real 'pure' organic ones, though these often escape detection. Synthetic oils are made primarily for perfumes and therefore have no therapeutic effects.

Beware of synthetic lavender products; these are just hybrids that only smell like lavender. These substances are made from lavandin and are made from China and Russia. Check if the labels are not doctored and tampered. By vigilance one's enjoyment of the therapeutic and non-therapeutic benefits of organic lavender oil are possible.