Professional Deep Fryers – Your Restaurant At Home

If you thought that you had to go to a restaurant every time you wanted some great-tasting fried chicken or some crispy fried shrimp then think again; modern professional deep fryers can be brought into your home for less than $100. The professional deep fryers on the market are usually of three types: locking lid, open type and rotary type. They're all very reliable and efficient, so shopping for the perfect one for your home is more a question of preference than anything else.

The Load And Lock Model

The safest types are the locking lid type of professional deep fryers. These protect you from hot oil splashes to your body and face. They are usually also fit with filtration systems that will increase oil life and keep the oil sediment free. The filters are normally permanent and they only need to be periodically cleaned to keep them running like new. Because of the locking lid, there's usually a clear glass window to allow you to see when to raise the basket and when to lower it without opening the lid. For as little as $39.99 you can have a brand new Presto Professional Deep Fryer. The exterior handles lets you lower and raise the basket without having to open the fryer and put yourself at risk. The extra large viewing window makes sure that you're no squinting to get a good look at what going on inside, and the jumbo size supposedly serves 6 people for each full-capacity fry. Rated at 1500 Watts for a 120 Volts AC supply, this deep fryer has the black robust look of a machine that knows its job.

Out In The Open Model

The next type is the open type that you'd normally see in a fish and chip shop or a local diner. This doesn't have the safety feature of a locking lid type but it does have a loose-fit lid with a view window that goes on top to provide splash protection, but it's more spacious. The Aroma Dual Basket SmartFry XL Deep Fryer has an option of using either two separate baskets for frying two foods at once, or a big basket for large amounts of the same food. You can fry up to 4 lbs of food in the big basket, enough fries to feed a party of 6 or more in one go. There are ten preset frying settings that include all of the foods that are typically deep fried. In addition to that, you can select your own cooking times and temperatures with easy to use controls. The fryer also features a dual filtration system that will make sure that your kitchen remains aroma free and that the oil's natural life is extended by keeping it clean of sedimentation and other contaminants. The holding surfaces like the handle and lid are insulated and kept cool so you won't accidentally burn yourself when frying. Rated at 1800 Watts, it's sure to reduce your frying time and thereby power consumption.

The 'Round And Round They Go' Model

The rotary type professional deep fryer is a marvel of 20th century design. Because the food keep rotating at a tilted angle, less oil is required. This means less heat-up time and less power consumption. This type comes with a locking lid and a view window for looking at your food frying. If you're out to save some money while having a professional deep fryer at home for restaurant-style food, then this is the type for you.

Maintenance: Of The Fryer Too

No matter what type of fryer you buy, be sure to follow a few simple steps. First, keep the fryer clean and dirt-free at all times. Even if the fryer is the locking lid type, there will be oil drips and stains on the fryer even after a single use; wipe it dry and wash all the removable parts. Second, keep changing the oil if you're not using the fryer again the same day. Even a good filtration system will only let the oil be used within the same 24 hour period for multiple frying sessions. Good care of your professional deep fryer will give you years of frying pleasure. But be careful to limit your consumption of fried foods; there's no point in having a guarantee for life on your fryer if there's none on yours.

Where To Buy Professional Deep Fryers

Regardless of the model of deep fryer you are looking for, buying one can be easy. Despite being able to find them readily available in department stores and kitchen appliance outlets, shopping online can save you time and money. Ebay and Nextag offer a plethora of deep fryers and deep fryer hardware for discount prices and enable you to compare with other online stores. This ensures you're getting exactly what you're looking for and at wholesale prices.

Nextag offers a plethora of brands and models such as Cecilware, American Range, Adcraft, and Vollrath. The prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand and can all be compared using their price comparison application.

If shopping online is not your thing or your looking for added security when investing in an expensive professional deep fryer, contacting a locale rep for a various brand may be the route to take. Cecilware has sales reps across the globe and provide an in depth technical showcase of their deepfryers. Browsing online stores before you contact sales reps may be the route to take to avoid the typical sales markup that occurs ubiquitously amongst retailers.

If hunting down a specific brand or shopping online are not avenues you want to take when purchasing your deep fryer, visiting appliance outlets such as Appliance Distributers or Appliance Warehouse Direct may be the best option. If your are absolutely unsure of what route to take when investing in a commercial deep fryer, asking a restaurant you frequent is another option. This may enable you to ask the cooks how they like it and check out the model in action.