Refurbished Exercise Equipment: The Earth Doesn't Cost Much

What costs the earth to buy new, costs much less to buy used. Behind this philosophy is the secret to getting great exercise equipment for your home gym. The problem with old equipment is that no one is sure how it was used, and the original owner is seldom candid enough to talk about all the bumps and tumbles his equipment has gone through, knowing that every story will knock off a few dollars on the selling price. That's why refurbished exercise equipment is the way to go. Even if it has been used, you're certain that any weaknesses that may have come in from the first use will have been fixed and tested before you buy it. This article looks at some of the aspects of buying refurbished exercise equipment.

Buying Refurbished Exercise Equipment: What's On Your Mind?

The first thing you'll be looking at is obviously the type of equipment you want. So many people have so many preferences that it would be presumptuous of anyone to tell you what you need, so we'll steer clear of that. Every single piece of exercise equipment ever designed and built serves at least one purpose really well. Once you have decided what your purposes are, it's a lot easier to decide the equipment that will get you there the quickest. For example, if you want to focus on lower body strength, then no matter how many ab crunches you do in a day, you're not very likely to reach your goal anytime this decade – exaggerated example, but the point's been made. The differences in exercise equipment will, of course be a lot more subtle than that, but the same principle works – if you want full body toning, then a NordicTrack Skier Pro or an Elliptical from Schwinn Fitness is what you might go looking for. On the other hand, if cardio is what your heart desires, then a Fitness bike might just be the right fit, and so on.

Refurbished Exercise Equipment: Let's Go Shopping!

Once you've zeroed in on the type of refurbished exercise equipment you want, the next step is to go shopping. Lot of reputed and reputable online retailers will probably have what you're looking for, so it's not a question of where to go, but how to compare and choose. Price comparison sites like Nextag are great places to go to. You can compare by make and model, you can narrow down your search to the final two or three by price range, and you can check each individual seller for credibility before you pull out your credit card. Such sites will often act as one-stop-shops for your purchases, as they are intended to do.

The Final Few: Hold Them Up To The Light

When you have your final choices of refurbished exercise equipment before you, investigate each one for the best deal possible for you. Some will come with free shipping, some with 6 month guaranties versus 3 month guaranties, some might offer free accessories or other goodies, and some might even have other eye-catching equipment that you might like to add to your purchase.

Other Refurbished Exercise Equipment: Alternate Avenues

Sometimes, you can get even better deals on sites like eBay. You may have to settle for used equipment as is, though, but if you know your exercise machines then you should be able to get the lowest prices on the internet. Refurbished equipment may also be available, and you have the added benefit of buyer safety as well – any equipment that you feel is sub-par once you receive it can be sent back just the way you received it, for a full refund. So keep this option open if you don't find anything else that you like on other sites. No matter what refurbished equipment you buy, and from what source, always make sure that it has the best of these three attributes – guaranties, quality and cost – and you'll rarely go wrong.