Cheap Shipping Tubes for Sale

What Are Cheap Shipping Tubes and Why Are They So Valuable?

Whether you're an artist working on perfecting your own style, or a burgeoning shipping company that deals with a lot of delicate materials, at some point you will have occasion to ship very fragile and precious artworks or other roll-up products that cannot be damaged in any way. Cheap shipping tubes can be bought to almost any specification, size and density to suit your particular shipping needs. Whether you are trying to move rolled-up paintings, tapestries, maps, posters, or wall-hangings, you can find cheap shipping tubes that will accommodate your products and get them to their destination safely and securely. This is essential for the success of any business that needs to move their products or their clients' products, because you can lose lots of business over having one or two items damaged in transit. It is absolutely imperative that your goods show up at their destination looking just as good as they did when they were shipped. Otherwise you can kiss steady work and repeat business good-bye. In this way, you can look at buying and keeping a good stock of these special mailers on hand as a very important investment that any serious business needs to make.

What Kind of Cheap Shipping Tubes Do You Need?

First you should determine which shape and size of these special mailers you will need given your job. If you want to buy your tube mailers on a case by case or per job basis, you can simply measure the goods to be shipped and buy a tube mailer that will accommodate them. However, if you are a large operation or you need to be able to process many different jobs quickly, your best bet is to stock up on cheap shipping tubes in advance so that you will always be ready when the next odd job comes down the pipes. There is another advantage to buying your special mailing tubes in bulk - you can get pretty significant discounts on the per-unit price when you buy in bulk. Sometimes the savings can be as dramatic as $1-2 per shipping tube! When you add this up over hundreds of tubes, you start to see real savings that can be applied to other aspects of your business.

There are also subtle differences amongst cheap shipping tubes themselves that can make a major difference, especially when it comes down to the crucial transit period, after the product has left your hands and your cheap shipping tubes are stuck back in the dark somewhere near moisture and other hazards. Some cheap mailing tubes have plastic caps that are inserted into either end of the tubes. These plastic caps are very sturdy and, best of all, they can contribute toward making a waterproof and moisture proof seal. This is essential to protecting delicate products and especially artwork. Always remember that cheap shipping tubes are only as protective as you prepare them to be prior to shipping.

To doubly ensure that the goods you place in your cheap shipping tubes will be protected, you should wrap them with several layers of cellophane or another waterproof protective material. Then insert them into your dry mailing tubes. Before you cap both sides of your mailing tubes, wrap a few layers of cellophane around the bottom of the plastic caps, then jam the plastic caps in snugly to both ends of your cheap mailing tubes. This will act as a further seal against moisture. Now use clear plastic tape to secure the caps, wrapping around the rims where the plastic cap meets the cardboard of the mailing tube especially well to ensure a watertight fit.