Used Exercise Equipment: Everyone's Got Some

Most people have at least one piece of used exercise equipment at home: that treadmill that came with the New Year resolution to start losing weight, or that set of weights that was going to give you a muscular upper body and put you in the same category as the Schwarzeneggers and the Ferrignos of the world, or even those expensive running shoes that Aunt Jill gave for your birthday that you just didn't have the heart to get mud on. No matter what you're reason for abandoning your resolve to get in shape, there's someone out there that's done the same thing. That's why you'll usually only find two categories of used exercise experiment – barely used and well-used. It seems that there's no middle ground, like 'intermittently used' or 'used the week before reunion'. Finding used equipment is simple, but finding the right equipment requires more thought.

Used Exercise Equipment: The Prep Step - Prior To Purchase

Before you binge on bench press equipment or splurge on a Smith machine, there are a few things that would be good to know. Exercise equipment is of two types – commercial and residential. Figuring out how much space you have is probably the first step before you buy any equipment. You don't want it to occupy too much space, or it's going to keep getting in your way so much that you'll be forced to get rid of it pretty soon – not a good thing. Second, know how much you want to spend; if you don't have a fixed budget in mind, it's very hard to choose the right used exercise equipment – you could end up spending much more than what's comfortable for you.

Finding Great Used Exercise Equipment: Pursuit And Capture

The third step is to start your search for good used exercise equipment. You'll find that most good deals can be found online. However, don't discount the possibility of finding a good buy at a yard sale too. You might even keep an eye out for gyms that may be shutting down for some reason – very often they will let you have expensive equipment for the price of dirt. Look at your local classifieds on a regular basis – people moving house often consider exercise equipment to be ballast, and will lighten their load if it doesn't fit in their U-Haul trailer. With so many options for you to pick from, finding the right used exercise equipment should be easy as pie – no scratch that, that's why you're probably looking for exercise equipment in the first place.

Dead Or Dying Used Exercise Equipment: Rust In Pieces

When buying used exercise equipment, be sure to check it properly before you pay; a lot of old equipment can be reconditioned improperly, making it potentially dangerous. If you're buying equipment that's obviously been unused since it was bought, ask for original warranty cards or a bill of sale – it's always useful to have. If the equipment is old, have the joints, the metal, the rubber and plastic fixtures, hinges, and everything else checked thoroughly for any loss of integrity. Remember, equipment that is not maintained properly can be an extreme safety hazard, so better safe than sorry.

Buying The Right Used Exercise Equipment: Flab Or Fab?

Another point of concern is the type of equipment. Find out specifically what type of weight-loss or body tone you require – the wrong type of equipment won't get you the desired results. For example, if you want an even body tone then don't buy something that will only exercise your upper body. By the same logic, if you don't want muscle, just weight loss then don't go for weight-training equipment. Used exercise equipment can be very affordable, but if it's not going to get you what you want then it's practically worthless, and will probably be somebody else's treasure not far in the future.