Cheap Used Laptops For Sale: Things To Consider

If you're considering investing money in a laptop, either for personal use or for one of the kids, then before you hop into your car and go shopping for a new one, check out what's available in the way of cheap used laptops for sale in nearly all electronics retailer websites nowadays. You might be surprised at the variety of brands and configurations available in the market. Once thought to be a sure way to get ripped off, cheap used laptops no longer have the shady image that all used items once did. Most retailers will guaranty their used laptops for anywhere from 30 days to a year, depending on the model, whether they've reconditioned it, and to what extent. Even if you're going in for a used laptop in an 'as is' condition, sites such as eBay and Craigslist will spread out their wares – of the hard and soft kind - for the diligent shopper. Depending on whether you want a laptop for college use, or just to surf the net every once in a while, there's a cheap used laptop for sale just for you – you just need to look for in long and hard enough to make sure that it's the right one.

Searching For Cheap Used Laptops For Sale

There are several great retailer websites that offer fantastic deals on used laptops, refurbished or otherwise. An online retail outlet such as usanotebooks dot com will let you search for laptops by brand, price band and even specific features. For example, if you're looking at something below $250, you'll find a whole bunch of IBM ThinkPad models, along with configuration and specs. You can also search for specific brands and models to see if they're carrying it at the moment. Most sites such as these are BBB accredited, and will offer you 3 or 6 month guaranties for all their models.

The Myth About Cheap Used Laptops For Sale

If you're thinking that a cheap used laptop is not going to function up to your expectations, then you'd likely be mistaken. Unless you're buying it in an 'as is' condition, you can be sure that any parts that need replacing have been taken care of, and any software glitches rectified. If not, there's no way that they would be able to give you a guaranty on the product. However, if you're buying a used laptop from an individual, it may not be the best option to buy online. You won't know how it's been used, or how fast it is, or if there are any problems that you're not being made aware of. Still, if you're going to be shopping eBay or a similar site, you'll be allowed a review period for the product before your money is transferred to the seller. This affords a certain amount of safety from your perspective.

What To Look For In A Cheap Used Laptop

One of the most important things to remember when looking for a cheap used laptop for sale is the end purpose of usage. For example, if you're going to be doing a lot of DVD burns or movie downloads from the internet, then a mini notebook or one with limited memory won't be the best choice. Granted you can always buy peripherals for cheap at most retail outlets, but it will still add to the cost of the laptop; and if you have to buy several peripherals to get it to the level of functionality that you're expecting, then the whole price advantage of a cheap laptop is lost. Because of this, first figure out how you'll be using the laptop, what kind of speed and memory you're looking for, what you'd like the maximum weight to be, and basically anything that will help you make your decision a lot easier by narrowing down your choices. If you've got these few elements in mind, then finding a cheap used laptop for sale won't be such a hard thing to do.

Other Used Computers for Sale: Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptop computers are those which another person purchased, discovered a malfunction within, and returned to the retailer. These laptops can't be sold as new, not to mention they're defective, so they're often sent back to the factory to be refurbished. Refurbishing is a removal of the defective hardware or software and replacing it with working equivalents. These computers usually function as new, but having already been purchased once, can't be sold as such. This means great saving for the consumer.

If you're looking for a factory refubished laptop computer, make sure you go with a reputible manufacturer. Often times, you will be able to get a warantee on these computers. If you can't, it's likely best to look elsewhere. Dell offers a 1 year warantee on all their factory refurbished laptop computers, extendable to 3 years for a small fee. They are willing to stand behind their products, which should result in a vote of confidence from prospective buyers. Another perk with Dell is they offer free shipping on all their computer products, which is another nice bit of savings when you're shopping for a cheap used laptop.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is one offering from Dell that is highly affordable. It weighs only 2.5 pounds, and the price tag is similarly small - just $269. This is an extremely affordable refurbished laptop computer, and still has enough power to do everyday computing tasks such as word processing, checking email, and web browsing. This cheap laptop has 160GB of hard drive space and 1GB of RAM, so while it's not cutting edge, it can do a lot for the price you're paying.

Other places you may want to check for cheap used laptops include IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Best Buy, and Apple. At some point they will all have refurbished stock they need to sell, and you can be the beneficiary of that reality.