Vanilla Body Oil - Aromatherapy Oils: Uses and Benefits

Vanilla body oils are more often than not used for locking in moisture in the skin. Not only does it hold the benefits of body oil which seals moisture ten times greater than lotions, it also gives the benefits of the relaxing scent. Vanilla body oil contains the ever favorite spice used in tantalizing pastries and desserts. When use in body oils, vanilla can have the same tantalizing effect on people. Vanilla during the time of the Aztecs was considered an aphrodisiac, a reputation that was developed in 1762 when a German study claimed that a treatment of vanilla extract cured the impotence of 342 subjects.


Vanilla comes from the dried fruit of the orchid vanilla planifolia that are grown in Mexico and Madagascar. The process which undergoes in growing and planting vanilla to extract the precious oil is very labor-intensive. In fact, it is the most labor-intensive agricultural crop in the world. All is done just to get a hold of its scent, flavor and all other possible uses including the use of vanilla body oil on bath commodities. Due to this, the sweet smelling additive is crowned second most expensive spice in the world next to saffron. So it isn't surprising to find vanilla products to be a bit pricey. Vanilla Body oils can be found in your local bath stores and online shops as they go around for 9-20 dollars per 16 0z.

As an oil

Body oils are stereotyped for being greasy moisturizers compared to lotions, but oil barriers on the skin are found to be more efficient in locking in moisture when it is applied to a person just coming out of a shower or bath unlike lotions that are mostly water-based and are easily wiped off from the top layer of the skin. Also, body oils usually have added vitamins such as vitamins A and E and have numerous scents that are available. Vanilla body oils not only create the barrier that can lead to a more healthier skin, its distinct sweet smelling scent can also make a daily routine of oil application a more relaxing experience.

Medical claims

Aside from it being claimed as an aphrodisiac, it is said that vanilla can be used to calm a nervous stomach and settle the nerves. One explanation for this is that vanilla body oil is known to reduce the levels of catecholamine, better known as adrenaline in the body. Therefore, the person applying and smelling an extract of vanilla, such as vanilla body oil, becomes calmer. There are those who say that vanilla is a febrifuge, used to ease fevers, though it is rarely used for any medicinal purposes other than as a pharmaceutical flavoring. A proper doctor or physician should be consulted before using vanilla extracts including vanilla body oils for medical uses. It is also recommended to consult the doctor should any medical condition worsen from its use.

For aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has long been in the market and vanilla is in the top list of favorite scents, for its allure especially on men. There was this study conducted on different aromas, when the results came in, the one that most men were aroused by was vanilla. There is still conflict over whether this arousal was gastronomic or sexual in nature. Even without the men chasing around, the smell of vanilla on the skin is capable to lighten the mood of whoever gets to smell a whiff of it. Vanilla is also a good alternate to those who do not agree to the smell of roses or lavender.

With technological advances and chemical engineering it is possible to imitate the scent and flavors of different spices and food without actually using it, vanilla is no exception. So there are vanilla body oils out there that are less expensive that still offers the scent of vanilla. Caution is taken to account because sellers may take advantage of the fact that vanilla is pricey and may trick customers into thinking that the products they are selling have the real extract of vanilla. So it is advised that the labels be checked first.


Who would have thought that happiness, even little happiness can be bought in a small bottle? What could be more rewarding than treating one's self to life's simple pleasures? The sensual pleasures of both touch and smell and the tranquil feeling are all reminiscent with the use of vanilla body oil offers. Truly, vanilla body oils are pieces of peace in a chaotic world.