Women's Bowling Shoes: From Where To How

With bowling still as popular as it was in the 20th Century, manufacturers of women's bowling shoes have seen steady sales all through the last decade, driving them onwards to higher levels of innovation, technology, comfort and affordability. Back in the day, a woman bowler either had to make do with men's bowling shoes or pay a hefty price for custom-made shoes. No longer is this remotely close to the truth; women's bowling shoes now come in such a wide variety of models and designs that the basic question has now changed from "where can I get a decent pair of bowling shoes" to "how can I possibly pick the right pair". And rightly so, because in today's world of women's bowling, shoes are not only cheap, they are extremely comfortable and let you focus on the game rather than your aching feet. Not only that, the technology is so advanced that they actually enhance your game without your knowledge. Let's check out a few manufacturers' shelves to see what they have 'in-store'.

Brunswick Women's Bowling Shoes

The name Brunswick immediately brings to mind falling pins and noisy lanes, with lots of laughter and fun. Well, their range of women's bowling shoes will bring an equal amount of joy and enjoyment to your feet. Brunswick, typical of its penchant for quality and innovation, offers a wide range of elegant lane-wear that can complement any bowling casuals that you might pick out from your wardrobe. From the Cleo to the Bloom, all of their shoes bright out the lighter side of you. At 13 oz, that might not be just a figure of speech. The full-fabric lining with the padded borders and tongue will give you the feeling that your feet are being 'held' rather than 'put into'. The right fit is perfectly complemented by the man-made exterior: soft, comfortable and sturdy. The channeled heel coupled with the recessed shank on the non-marking rubber sole will feel just right as you talk your walk-up. The shoes will get your mind on the game rather than on getting the game over with so you can take your shoes off.

Dexter Women's Bowling Shoes

Dexter is another name that rings of comfort, quality and affordability. Pioneering technology that began over 50 years ago still drives the mainstay of this company – gear that's just right. Their innovative Slide-Rite traction control soles will give you the perfect combination of slip and hold you need on your delivery. The convenient hook and loop Velcro straps on the V-Strap model make sure that you don't ruin your concentration with undone laces in the middle of a game. The inner fabric lining keeps your feet slip free and dry all the time and this is made better with the cushioned sock linings. Padded collars will keep your Achilles heel invincible all night. Along with the padded tongue, your ankle joints won't feel the strain of 6 straight games. You'll be in the majority if you invest in these shoes – two-thirds of America's pro bowlers use Dexter. Once you buy a pair, you'll know why.

Etonic Women's Bowling Shoes

Etonic is the third famous name in women's bowling shoes. Shoes with attitude are what they are, with designs just this side of riotous. Be sure that you'll stand out in any bowling crowd with a pair of these on. Available in a wide range from Pink Flame to Kiss, these shoes not only have the standard padding and fabric interiors for that snug fit, they have an elastic tongue strap in each shoe for additionally securing your feet. You'll really feel strapped in and safe with these shoes on. The soft, synthetic uppers are accentuated with your preference of bold designs and well-contoured features.

Picking women's bowling shoes need not be an expensive proposition. For any one of these bowling beauties, all you need is about $30 and you're all set to tear up those lanes. Step lightly.