Wrought Iron Wall Mirrors: People's choice

Typical of a classic, traditional design, wrought iron wall mirrors lend an air of functional elegance, durability and stability. Available in both modern and antique patterns, these warm mirrors are extremely popular with English period décor. Though they are popular, they're not overly versatile when compared to other plainer styles such as small wall mirrors or white oval mirrors, and only go with certain types of furniture. Distressed leather sofas, interior lighting fixtures, and office chairs are not exactly complimentary pieces of furniture, unless you have a very eclectic sense of style, or wish to purposely create a contrasting or clashing decorative theme. Ultimately, you will have to decide for Wrought Iron Wall Mirroryourself whether or not a wrought iron mirror is a suitable candidate for your home.

Wrought iron wall mirrors are not just functional, they're decorative as well, so you'd do well to place them where your guests can admire them – they'll add class to any setting as long as you match them with the décor of the room. Because of the inherent malleability of the base material, there are limitless customization options offered by retailers of today. Go shopping and see for yourself what might be out there waiting just for you.

From $50 to $500 and up, up, up

The pricing starts from "extremely reasonable" all the way up to "you've got to be joking!" Let's take a look at a few samples from each price band within the overall pricing zone.

At the more affordable end, a decent square wrought iron wall mirror such as an Ashton Sutton will look elegant without being too heavy-handed. A delicate-looking frame belies its durability, and the exquisite style, its price. At just under $45, this is one mirror that you'd just love to take home with you the moment you set eyes upon it. For a price not dissimilar from that of an ordinary oval mirror or small wall mirror, you can have for yourself a beautiful wrought iron mirror that is both stylish and tasteful.

A rung up from there, and you're looking at the same manufacturer's slightly larger oval wrought iron mirror – still maintaining the same standard as the previous model but a little heavier on the pattern. This classic retails for $90 or so, and could perform well as a decorative mirror just inside your front door. It would help set the mood if you had a wrought iron knocker on the door, or possibly some wrought iron candle holders on an occasional table just inside your door. Friends will marvel at your gorgeous wrought iron mirror as they hang their wares on your cowboy hat rack and hanging shoe rack.

The next slab, between $100 and $200, sees the entry of American Pride's "St. Augustine" mirror at just over $110. This three-foot high mirror features a beveled edge and elegant wrought iron work that will go perfectly with most decors. A similar model is also available in an oval shape for slightly less. At the upper end of this slab is the Dreamline range of mirrors that features widely spaced wrought iron work that might be perfect for those who don't like tight, cluttered designs. Visually spacious, this rectangular mirror retails for $186. Another terrific choice is Universal Lighting's round accent mirror that looks something like a cross between the sun and an ornate octopus, although that might not be quite accurate a description from the manufacturer's point of view. It retails for $200 and will look great with the antique lighting fixtures I know you have, or the antique dining room furniture you'll probably purchase next.

Even further up are the stunning Murray Feiss Gravity wrought iron wall mirrors; at $240, these ovals have an elegant but simple design that would go as well in the hallway as the bathroom. More simple designs in this range - the Kichler wrought iron mirror with the bronze finish at $279, featuring delicate-looking decorative bands supporting a beveled mirror is just perfect for that modern day antique look.

St. Thomas wrought iron wall mirrors fall in the next price slab of $300 to $500. They have bold designs as well as subtle ones, depending on your bent, and will be well complemented by a wrought iron coffee table placed just below it. Functional as well as exquisite, these are sure to raise some friendly eyebrows.

At the upper end of the scale, you'll find exquisite creations starting at about $700 and going all the way up to the thousands of dollars for genuine antiques. There's really no upper limit as such because of the variety of manufacturers willing to provide nearly any kind of customization you want – for a price. The only limiting factors are probably size and weight, and wrought iron wall mirrors can sometimes get very large and very heavy, not to forget very expensive. You probably won't want a wrought iron mirror that covers an entire wall, so while technically there would be no limit to the size of mirror you could purchase (or the amount you could spend), it's unlikely you would have to spend more than a couple thousand dollars on the cream of the wrought iron mirror crop.

Shopping for a Wrought Iron Mirror

Because of their longevity, shopping for previously owned wrought iron mirrors is a great way to save money. Furniture sales, antique sales, and garage sales are all opportunities you may wish to investigate for bargains.

You can also conduct your shopping online. There are many retailers which stock wrought iron mirrors, allowing you to do comparison shopping. NexTag is a great place to look because the variety of selection and price. You may not find something you wish to purchase here but it is a wonderful place to conduct your preliminary research.

eBay is a great place to search for second hand wrought iron mirrors. Due to the auction format, there is the possibility to get a mirror for far below retail and possibly wholesale prices.