If you have a child that's started going bowling regularly or joined a league, you're going to have to invest in some quality bowling shoes that are also cool. With youth bowling shoes it's about much more than comfort or performance, or even looks, sometimes; most of the time it's about how much they cost. Unless you want to be pressured into buying something that rivals your mortgage payment, you had better get busy looking for some online options to satisfy that pre-teen or teen's usually expensive tastes.

Etonic Youth Bowling Shoes

Etonic has some really cool youth bowling shoes that might be to your ward's liking. Black and white spider shoes or white shoes with a green alien pattern might make the cut with your picky pre-teen. The outsoles are concave shaped and incorporated with Perfect Slide technology for that really professional feel they'll love in their first pair of bowling shoes. Both-side bowling shoes like these should cost you anywhere in the vicinity of $40. These shoes are a good investment because at this early stage when their passion for the sport is just blooming, it's important that they feel comfortable; if not, certain negative impressions may subconsciously be imprinted in their minds, making future attempts at "re-liking" the sport futile. The fabric lining and padded interiors will help them focus on the game rather than getting their shoes off as quickly as possible.

Dexter Youth Bowling Shoes

Dexter is another name to reckon with, but don't be threatened by their reputation for quality; they've got great shoes at affordable prices. And besides, they'll last at least as long as the shoes fit your child's feet. For the more calm and composed kids, the Raquel III or Ricky II youth bowling shoes will be perfect; if they're more flamboyant they might like the Bonesy or Cranium. They're all available in the $35 to $50 price band and are as good as they come. Standards include foam padding in the collars and tongues, fabric-tone on the inside, and S8 slide soles for better control on the lanes. EVA mid-soles will make sure that their feet get adequate support for those 5-game stretches. Dexter youth shoes are world renowned for their high quality and comfort so get the best for your offspring; neither of you will regret it.

Brunswick Youth Bowling Shoes

Brunswick's Sprock-It youth bowling shoes are also a very popular model. With all the standard features of all bowling shoes in this class, this one has leather slide soles; with a very sophisticated look and for the grand price of $29.95, it's sure to meet the needs of at least 2 people. For five to ten dollars more, you can pick up a pair of Roller Juniors or the Gorpy alien pattern shoes. The glow graphics on the upper of the Gorpy is bound to be a hit with the younger ones.

Linds Youth Bowling Shoes

Linds has created a range of athletic style youth bowling shoes that's sure to bowl them over with their bold, unconventional looks. These professional looking youth shoes are heavy on the features and light on the cost. Whether you're little darling is in the leagues or just out with friends, these shoes are committed to keeping their feet safe and sound all night for several nights.

Size Wise

All of these brands are great buys under $50, and have all the features needed to thrill their feet as well as their friends. However, make sure to do a size check every now and then so that they're not outgrowing them but still wearing them because they look cool in them. Shoes of the wrong size are almost as bad as no shoes at all for all the spinal and lower body damage they can do in the long run. Just think of it as investing in your child's heath; after all, you wouldn't deny them a trip to the hospital if they needed it, would you?